Top 10 Delicious Food of Dubai

With the closing of the year, 31 December becomes a party time for youngster and businessman. And, everyone is always aware of the fact that no party is a good party without delicious food item. At this time our mind get sets on with the trip of the past memories which attracts us to some of the tourist place found overseas.  Amongst all tourist places UAE serves to be a cosmopolitan place and is depicted as the fastest growing country across the world. So let’s check the top 10 popular food of Dubai in detail.

Best Garlic Fish  Curry food from Dubai

Time For Out To Know The Taste Of Yummy Food Of UAE!!!!

Beside, being a tourist place it’s also grants its tourist an opportunity to taste incredible and exceptional variety of food items that seem to dominate the food scene of Dubai. If one desires to go for Dubai or Abu Dhabi and even Ajman or Ras Al Khaimah then they are sure to get a chance to taste the traditional aroma food of that place which could be forgotten for lifetime. If you are really hungry, than just have a view over the yummy food items that can be grabbed day or night.

1) Curry fish– The fresh fish is spread over the curry spices and then fried to let it get served. This dish appears to be tasty with paratha and even rice. This food item will be more tasty is the catch is fresh. It is the lunch that is traditionally served at Bu Qtair. It is offered at an rate starting from Dhs80 for large fish as per their and weight and species.

2) Stuffed Camel – This amazing dish has been added in the “Guiness Book of World Records” as biggest dishes prepared across the world. This dish indicates a wedding to be an auspicious event for elite families. The stuffed camel is roaster with the ingredients that is one lamb, 20 chickens, boiled eggs, fish and rice along with other ingredient.

3) Ghuzi- This popular recipe is found in the restaurants of Dubai to counter the mind and heart of the tourist with its aroma and its color. This dish is basically a completely roasted lamb that becomes more delicious when it is served with rice and is garnished along with vegetables & nuts to provide it a scrumptious appeal.

4) Foie gras burger– It’s the time to enjoy the core taste of Dubai food as your snack would be incomplete without this order. Burger major ingredient is bun but here is the twist. Instead of bun, a laughable ingredient is used that is juicy as well as well as soft. This slice is a cut of meat in the form of patty present on the top of the dish as a slice of roast potato to provide you a fantastic recipe.

5) Matchbous- This is another dish prepare out of lamb recipe that serve as the most the most exotic food prepared by the Dubai’s resort. This flavour of this recipe is enhanced with the used of spiced lamb along with the special aroma of major ingredient such tomato, stew and rice. The yummy taste and aroma of this dish is upgraded with the use of a special A spicy spice that is popularly used in most of the lamb made recipe. This spice is none other than ‘loomi’ that is compiled from the combination of ripe limes and salty water.

6) Chicken burger – if you like cooking and frequently tries to make out that what ingredient are used to make an dish more special than let me tell my visitors something astonishing. The 3 Chicken burger is the magical dish of Shakespeare & Co as it is made special when it is served with delicious Garlic mayo spread over bun. This recipe would allow your taste bud to have and special taste that would make you yell “wow” when you have it with extra cheese as the flavour is enhanced with use of chicken patty that appear to be spiced and juicy.

7) Chicken mughlai- Leaving behind the omnipresent common butter chicken once would love to experience something more demanding and appetizing. Chicken mughlai adds a new and divine taste that appears as the resultant of cream spread over bony moderate curry that is shaved with egg topping to broaden your taste bud spectrum.

8) Crispy fried squid –With a single try to the perfect squid dish you will find it harder to draw back yourself from its temptations to go for a re-order. Zuma’s really consider this dish to be ever best tried out dish because of its crispy coating having pepper flavour and a slice of lime squeeze over it to make your mouth watery.

9) Escargots at Traiteur – Now comes the time to give a try to something new in the race of traditional dishes.  This the most enduring and signatory dish of Traiteur’s because escargots mark its signature on your taste bud and never make you feel awful. The ingredients that can never be chewed are cooked until it is provided a yellowish brown color and then garlicky sauce is downed over crusty bread.

10) Pepper crab –This dish guaranteed your tongue a special taste once the shell is removed and the special appetizing taste of the sauce come along with the bit of clean meat. The ingredient such as pepper and many more are mixed and stuffed in the crab body part. That is later on served with a wonderful pill of crispy bread rolls.

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