Best Time to Visit Dubai for a Holiday with Your Family

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Have you visited Dubai? If so, you might have already experienced the towering skyscrapers, innovation, and golden sands. The glamorous Dubai has become one of the most popular and frequently visited holiday destinations. Everyone wants to experience what the hype is all about in Dubai. So, if you like to experience this magical city, you should know the best time to visit Dubai for a holiday with your family. 

The best time to visit any region mainly depends on the weather and activities you expect on your holidays. For instance, you might already know that Dubai is primarily a desert region. Therefore, the temperatures get pretty high during the summer months. So, if you find such weather conditions restricting, you must find another time to visit the region. The time you choose to see the region also depends on your budget. So, consider everything while planning your Dubai holidays from UK. This blog discusses the best times to visit the tourists’ favourite Emirati city. 

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What is the Ideal Time for a Dubai Holiday?

Most people prefer to travel to Dubai during its winter season. You must know that winters in Dubai are pretty pleasant. There are no extreme temperatures. Also, Dubai winters are nothing like the winters of the UK. So you can forget about the chilling weather or the white blankets of snow. 

The winter months in Dubai are from November to February. The highest it can go is 30 degrees Celsius, while the lowest is 19 degrees Celsius, which are also pleasant temperatures. Therefore, this is an ideal time to visit Dubai, especially when travelling with your kids.

Dubai is undoubtedly a winter sun destination perfect for those who want to soak up as much sun as possible. You will also find a unique buzz during this time with all the festivals and events that give you a close glimpse into Dubai life and vibrant culture. There are events like Dubai Shopping and Food festivals. Moreover, you can also attend the Dubai World Cup in the city during the winter months. 

What is the Highest in-Demand Tourist Season in Dubai?

As mentioned, most tourists prefer to visit Dubai with mild temperatures. This is usually during November, December, January, February, March and April. These are the winter months, and we have already discussed the weather conditions. It is the highest in-demand season to visit the glamorous Emirati city. Many travellers from all over the world plan their trip to Dubai during this time. Therefore, the costs of flights and accommodation increase with increased demand.

Undoubtedly, the city’s main tourist attractions and activities are best suited during this time. You will get the beaches in their primest position while the golden sands are in their ideal state. Moreover, this will be the perfect time to participate in as many Dubai outdoor activities as possible and visit all the tourist attractions as the weather conditions are pleasant. 

Another peak season to visit Dubai is during the few annual half terms in February, May, and October. This is one of the best times to see the region with your family, as most families travel during this time. 

What is the Quietest Time to Visit Dubai?

We cannot deny that few people visit Dubai during the scorching summer months. The temperatures increase dramatically during this time. Therefore, it becomes hard to explore the outdoor activities at the destination. During June, July, and August, the temperature in Dubai can go as high as 40 degrees Celsius. However, Dubai has countless indoor tourist attractions and places you can explore. 

If you and your family are not interested in outdoor activities in Dubai, you can plan your holiday during this time. You will explore Dubai’s glamorous malls, theme parks, restaurants, and more. The biggest advantage of travelling to Dubai during this time is having budget-friendly family holidays. You can explore it better and glimpse the locals’ advanced, vibrant, and luxurious life. 

What is the Best Time to Visit Dubai for the Festivals?

Dubai hosts countless festivals and events all year round. For instance, there is an anticipated shopping festival, many concerts, and other such festivals and events in Dubai in the summer. It is also the less in-demand season to experience it all on a budget.

Moreover, many people like visiting the region during the UAE National Day and other prominent events. So, make sure that you consider your preferences before deciding a time to see the city. 

Final Words

Are you planning to book all-inclusive holidays to Dubai for your family this holiday season? If so, you might also want to know the best time to visit Dubai for a holiday with your family. After reading this blog, you might know about Dubai’s peak and low seasons and when to visit for a better experience

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