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The Best of Dubai Mall – Ultimate Things to do in Dubai Mall

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Dubai Mall

There are a few places in the world that needs no introduction and Dubai mall is among those chosen few. It has been a pride of Dubai since its opening in the year 2009 and has been growing ever since. Apart from its title of the biggest mall in the world, the inclusions in the mall such as the world’s largest acrylic aquarium panel, world’s largest candy stores and other various unbelievable options have made it one of the most visited destinations in the world.

The world’s largest mall based on the total area, the Dubai Mall includes a mind blowing 1200 shops. Famous equally for shopping as well as entertainment, it is a part of the $ 20 billion Downtown complex.  It opened on May 8th 2009 with a total of 635 retailers.

Following its opening, the mall sold a whopping 61000 tickets for Dubai Aquarium and Discovery Center in the first five days. This scintillating mall attracts a weekly footfall of 7,50,000 visitors.  Almost equivalent to the size of 50 football fields, this mall boasts of 250 room luxury hotels, 22 cinema screens and over 120 cafes and restaurants. Across three car parks, it has over 14000 parking spaces with car locator ticketing system and valet services.

Attractions in the Dubai Mall

1.SEGA Republic:

A high adrenaline indoor theme park spread across 76,000 sqft, SEGA republic boasts of more than 170 games which includes cutting-edge motion simulators to wide variety of skill and redemption games. This indoor theme park is developed by Emmar Retail with SEGA Corporation (based in Japan). This park will thrill you   to your core.

Sega Republic: popular tourist spot
Sega Republic: popular tourist spot

2.Dubai Aquarium:
One of the largest aquariums, the Dubai aquarium is a suspended aquarium which holds 10 million liters of water. House to over 140 species of aquatic animals, this tank holds 300 sharks and rays which includes the largest collection of sand tiger sharks. Activities in this aquarium includes underwater cage snorkeling, a 48 meter walk-through which would provide you 270 degree views, a glass bottom boat ride which provides unique views of the water tank beneath their feet, a shark dive for the adventurous ones which will let you swim within inches of a large variety of sharks and rays.

The largest aquarium in the world
The largest aquarium in the world

Housing over 1200 shops, you would be lost in the amazing world of fashion and retail. This includes 120 cafes and restaurants which serves lip smacking delicacies. Home to the most famous brands in the world, the magnificent mall has names such as Bvlgari, Mont Blanc, Porsche Design, Ralph Lauren, Rolex, Prada, and numerous more brands respected and loved across the world. It is also one of the most sought after destination for high fashion and retail brands.

Shops at Dubai mall
Shops at Dubai mall

4.Dubai Ice Rink:
The Olympic sized ice rink boasts of world class facilities. Whether you want to play ice hockey, perfect your skating skills or just hang out with friends, Dubai ice rink is just the right place. Dubai rink also conducts Disco sessions, Penguin pals, and Freestyle sessions. There also group sessions for friends to hang out together. The rink has a capacity of 2000 people when converted into a multifunctional hall. The hall will include a multimedia system with a 20mX10m LED screen.

The Olympic sized ice rink in the mall
The Olympic sized ice rink in the Mall

5.Reel Cinemas:
The massive reel cinema complex of Dubai mall comprises of 22 giant screen multiplexes featuring the latest national and international blockbuster movies along with the local indie hits. Offering an unparalled cinematic experience, it is also the largest Cineplex in the UAE. The Dolby Atmos installed are a treat to the ears. The cinematic complex ensures that every viewer is at the best of his comfort and hence its platinum movie suites are equipped with luxuries like fully recliner seats, exclusive concierge service and much more.

The giant 22 screen Reel Cinemas
The giant 22 screen Reel Cinemas

6.Facts and Figures:

  • It is the largest mall in the world with a total area of 13 million square foot.
  • The largest Acrylic panel that offers a clear vision of 33000 marine animals on display can withstand the exorbitant pressure of 10 million liters of water. It is also the world’s largest suspended aquarium on display.
  • The mall has a 30 acre manmade lake which has the world renowned Dubai fountain choreographed beautifully and lit up by 6600 lights, 25 projectors. It shoots uop to a height of 70m.
  • The total gross leasable area of the mall is 3.8 million square ft.
  • There’s a parking facility for 14000 cars inside the mall.
  • The indoor aquarium of the mall is renowned to be world’s biggest indoor aquarium.
  • Candylicious is the world’s largest sweet candy shop located in this Mall.
  • It annually witnesses over 75 million visitors, the largest in the world.
  • Reel cinema is one of the largest cinema screens of the world.
  • It also has a 250 room luxury hotel inside the mall.
  • The mall is home to a 155 million years old real fossil of a dinosaur.
  • The mall is under the further expansion stage with extending 1 million square feet area to accommodate more visitors.
  • It bagged the mall with the best shopping experience overall at the prestigious Grazia Style Awards in the year 2010.
  • The aquarium and under water zoon inside the mall won the Leisure and entertainment award of ‘Images Most Admired Retailer of the Year’ in the year 2012.

Setting up a new standard for leisure, entertainment and shopping experience, the mall is loved by visitors who come to witness its grandeur from across the world. With entertainment and amusement facilities like no other, the Dubai mall sets a benchmark of the ultimate experience for the world.

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