Dubai Visa Change or Extension: Your Comprehensive Guide for 2023

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If you don’t feel like exiting your home country for a visa change, you need not panic; there is always a way for everything. Some sudden changes in plans can hamper travel plans and may lead to the postponement of your journey or even an extension of your trip. There would have been a lot of effort put in while you planned your trip to the U.A.E. The Dubai Visa Change process is one of the easiest ways to process a U.A.E. visa. You need not worry; we have everything covered to ensure that you can change your tourist visa on the same day. We cover all checkboxes during the procedure to ensure that your extended or postponed stay remains hassle-free and full of excitement.

Dubai Visa Change ImageThe prime advantage of using the Dubai Visa Change Packages is that customers or travelers need not proceed to their home country to process the same. The visa change process ensures that customers need not go through the rigorous process of applying and waiting for their visa to get approved. We cover all aspects to tick all the checkpoints that you need to get your visa duration changed. Packages are available for up to 90 days of visa change. Visa Change Uae same day is a facility provided by only permitted visa tour operators.

Types of Dubai Visa Change Packages

We offer our guests three options to choose from for changing their U.A.E. visa

1. Visa Run:

Travelers or visitors would be visiting a neighboring country to get their visa extended or modified, the new visa issued permits you to stay in the U.A.E. for additional 30-90 days on the issue of the new visa within the next 2-3 working days.

2. Oman Visa Change through the road:

Travelers or visitors are expected to travel to Oman and stay there till they get their visa extended or modified. We ensure that all the guests do not feel the hassle of applying for an additional visa and the two-way transfers involved for returning to Dubai.

3. Airport to Airport:

One of the recommended ways to change your Dubai visa or extend the duration of your visa. Applicants are expected to fly to one of the neighboring countries and return via the same flight. This package features everything covered including visa change services and round-trip flight tickets.

Documents Required

1. Applicant’s documents needed for the Dubai Visa Change process

  • A bright copy of the applicant’s passport – first and last pages should be legible.
  • The passport should not be a handwritten one.
  • It should have a validity of at least six months from the date of application.
  • A recent passport-size color photograph against a white background
  • A valid return air ticket for traveling to a third-party country on the expiry of the visa
  • A confirmed hotel booking voucher to indicate your stay in Dubai. Alternatively, you can also show the invitation letter from the guarantor.

2. Guarantor’s documents required for the Dubai Visa Change process

  • A bright copy of the guarantor’s passport – the first and last pages should be legible
  • The passport should not be a handwritten one
  • It should have a minimum validity of six months from the date of the applicant’s application
  • A copy of the U.A.E. residence proof of the guarantor that indicates that the guarantor is residing at the site for a minimum duration of three months before the application date
  • A legitimate copy of the guarantor’s Emirate ID

The package created by our travel experts is exclusively designed for travelers who wish to change or extend their existing tourist visa to a new permit on the same day or within 24 hours. Our travel desk would coordinate with you to check the availability of the next flight to neighboring cities like Bahrain, Kuwait, or Muscat while issuing the visa change ticket. Once you receive the ticket stating ‘OK to Accept’ or ‘Visa Change’ and complete the immigration formalities. Passengers would fly out of the U.A.E. and then return on the same flight.

3. Benefits of the Dubai Visa Change Package

  • There is no deposit amount required for your visa change as in the case of applying for a visa
  • The entire process is transparent, reliable, secure, and quickly processed
  • Assistance is available for the same-day visa
  • There is no waiting period involved in handling the visa change process

4. Important Terms & Conditions:

  • The immigration authorities have the sole discretion to accept or reject the Visa change application
  • We do not hold any responsibility for the application charges processed, and no refund would be initiated in case of a rejection. The reasons for Dubai Visa Change denial would clearly be stated to the applicant if, in fact, they wish to reapply for the process
  • All the Dubai Visa Change applications permit only single entry visas in the U.A.E.
  • The processing time for the Dubai Visa Change is 24-48 hours
  • Avoid public holidays or weekends for applying for a visa change or extending your visa duration

It is critical that you apply for a Dubai Visa Change via airport or road with all the relevant documents and meet the essential requirements. Don’t wait till your visa expires; this will make your stay unauthorized in the U.A.E. You or your sponsor will have to pay a fine if you overstay beyond your visa duration. Backed by our expertise and our prior experience in the travel sector, we help travelers avoid the visa-run Dubai process by providing complete transparency and inducing a hassle-free process for applying for the visa change.

So, the next time you have an important emergency or want to see the best of Dubai Mall, extend your Dubai visa with this guide.

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