10 Top-Notch Venues to Gape At Dubai’s Panoramic Views

Level 43 Rooftop Lounge

Dubai is known to offer versatile experiences to its tourists, be it the walking on the floating bridge or a seaplane tour over the coast or gliding over the city from the world’s longest zip-line. The city is applauded for its breaking records and defying boundaries, and one of these is the unbeatable architecture. Making some of the world-class structure in height, angles and shapes, the emirate is brilliantly brought up from the fishing village.

Marking all the toppers of the creative and inspired building designs that are taller than our eyes reach, here are the Dubai’s 10 towering stunners-

10 Best Venues in Dubai with Spectacular Views

1.Burj Al Arab


The first 7-star hotel ever and perhaps the most photographed hotel in the world, Burj Al Arab is a manifestation of opulence. It is the fifth tallest hotel in the world that features deluxe suits, restaurants and bars overlooking the sea and giving the usual views a stunning makeover. Replicating a sail look emerging from the sea, the tower helps you enjoy ultra-luxurious dining experience and applauding the beautiful environs. The hotel will keep you enticed because of its golden grandeur inside and the peaceful skyline outside.

2.Level 43 Rooftop Lounge

Capture the 360-degree views from this ultra modern and stylish restaurant, situated in the bustling areas of the Sheikh Zayed Road. It boasts the sleek and stylish blue illuminated, open-air balcony that is situated on the 43rd floor (you already got this, right?). While you devour into the tasty treat and some lit cocktails, the cityscape is all set to tickle your heart. Sit right the corner and enjoy the aspiring scenes of the giant Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis, Dubai Mall, and the Jumeirah coastline. In the perfect indoor and outdoor seating, you will be overwhelmed by the blend of taste and beauty.

3.Cayan Tower


Have you ever seen a building with an interesting twist of 90 degrees? Also known as Infinity Tower, Cayan is a 72 storey skyscraper whose floor is rotated at 1.2 degrees giving the complete building an unusual design overall. When you stand at one of the top floors, you can look down to the amazing spread of Dubai Marina, and look up to the enriching high rise of the emirate.

4.Atlantis The Palm

Atlantis The PalmAmong the various 5 star hotels around the globe, Atlantis the Palm offers impressive views of the Arabian Gulf. It is one of the favourite places for those tourists who want to spend their vacation in private. Strolling and sitting in the balcony of this gorgeous hotel, you can cherish over the mega oceanic scenes. It adds the magic to your regular and monotonous travelling itineraries. Situated on the man-made island, the hotel wraps warm hospitality, ingenuity, comfort and luxury besides great outlook.

5.Dubai Frame

Dubai FrameGiving rest of the world a tough setback in the architectural design, Dubai Frame demonstrates the excellence of craftsmanship. It has got the vacuum in the centre outlined by the golden frame. The two sides of the frame are connected by a metaphorical bridge that offers a brilliant spectacle of old and New Dubai in North-South direction from a height of 150m. From the high dunes of the Arabian desert and glimmering Marina to the Deira’s old town, the 360-degree views keep you amazed.  You stay surprised when you see the incredible present of Dubai meeting with the ancient tradition and together demonstrating what’s the future of the emirate.

6.Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina

If somebody is a fan of skyscrapers and want to picture them at the best, nothing is better than the Dubai Marina; especially when it’s late at night and the buildings are glittering or in the early morning when there is no one around. The chic skyscrapers and modern lifestyle give you a glance of meticulously planned and attractive neighbourhood. Get your cameras on and grab some of the most popular buildings in and around, like Marina Diamond, Marina Pinnacle, Princess Tower and Emaar 6 Towers.

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7.The Palace Downtown

The Palace DowntownOne of the worthy accommodation choices in Dubai is the Palace Downtown, which is grand in looks and services both. It’s more of a luxurious home but what remains a hidden gem is its ultimate viewing deck. Some rooms open to quaint lake view while other broadcasts the Arabesque architectural features. The tourists have said that there is no other better place than this to observe the Dubai’s knack for heights. It gives a clear and rich scene of the city’s skyline. You can witness the great designs of unique buildings like Dubai Opera, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountains, Souk Al Bahar, and The Dubai Mall.

8.JW Marriott Marquis

Renowned for luxurious architecture, JW Marriott Marquis is the world’s second tallest hotel and the tallest 5-star hotel. It is the twin-tower skyscraper complex in Dubai that features wonderful views around. From private dining experience to party brunch, the hotel is a bliss. Rising up to 82 storeys, the floor to ceiling window gives an unusual and intimate look of the Gulf city’s awe-inspiring buildings. Whether you want to hit the festive season, or keep it romantic or drool over classic champagnes, a luxury resort with dynamic scenes become heaven, just like this one.

There’re a lot of other restaurants that are dominating the outstanding panoramic views-

  • The Observatory
  • Bahri Bar
  • 360
  • Jetty Lounge
  • The Address

9.IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of AdventureNot just the dining, even the adventure category remains not too far in promoting the breathtaking skyline of the city. The predator rollercoaster at the world’s first indoor theme park, IMG Worlds of Adventure stands somewhere around 400 m tall. Now, here you are fetched at the top through a perpendicular track, slowly and then you are hurled at 90 degrees straight towards the ground (yes, it’s jaw-dropping). But the excitement goes on increasing after every soaring and riding that you would love to do it again.

10.Dubai Fountain


The sprouting water at 140 m of Dubai Fountain is the one of its kind. It is the tallest choreographed fountain that looks bewitching in the night. While, the best view is from the downstairs in restaurants and cafes, Dubai Mall gives you the bird’s eye-view. It is a must once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see water rocking on the melodious music with royal buildings in the backdrop. Glaring from the top, the sight looks exciting.

Well, we hope you don’t need other proofs to accept Dubai has got its architectural game done right. If you want to explore the city from the top, book yourself a good spot in any of these right away.

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  1. All these are interesting buildings to enjoy the beauty of Dubai with a bird’s eye view. Enjoying the panoramic views from any of these venues will also be a lot cheaper than a helicopter ride or a hot air balloon ride.

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