Incredible Ways To Celebrate New Years Eve In Dubai 2023


Thinking of making this New Year surprisingly beautiful and memorable? Ask us, we strongly recommend a luxurious stay in Dubai. There is no great start to the New Year 2023 other than this ultramodern and exciting emirate. Discover all that’s possible in Dubai to make your 2023 unforgettable.

Dubai is bliss. The buildings are futuristic. And the events are mesmerizing.

New Year has been the most anticipated occasion and everyone wants to have a ball. Dubai opens its wide arms to welcome you on this grand day and be a part of its largest event of all-time. From international DJs to happening parties, the desert city offers you the most exceptional celebrations.

If you have known Dubai, you must have heard endless praises of its riches and luxuries. Apart from that, the emirate looks astounding because of its heaven-piercing skyscraper, crazy nightlife and delightful cruising.

There is thunder and ecstasy, pomp and show, thrill and excitement, all hailing in Dubai.

We can’t stop telling you the best places, hotels and activities that you must encounter during the New Year’s Eve in Dubai. Let the showdown begin-

A. All the eyeballs at the midnight fireworks!

Dubai’s midnight chimes are epic. Who would afford missing the splendid fireworks that dominate the skyline better than the skyscraper on the very night of New Year?

Below are few best places to witness this happen-

1.Burj Khalifa

The cynosure of all eyes, the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, is going to grip you with the fireworks’ amazement. The vicinity around Burj Khalifa gets crowded with foreigners and locals to be a part of this majestic view.

2.The Palm Jumeirah

It’s brighter, livelier and surreal at the Palm Jumeirah. Fireworks are organized in the shape of palm, making it one-of-its-kind and equally exciting. The archipelago lightning and monolithic firework steals the heart.

3.Burj Al Arab

Dazzling to another level, Burj Al Arab is the favorite destination in New Years. Why?
Because people who find Burj Khalifa to be discreetly crowded come here and witness firework display at its peak!

B. Walk into one of the premium houses of food for flavorsome dinner

You might want to have a compassionate, lavish and delicious dinner before being one of the audiences of fireworks. Don’t worry and stay seated, as we introduce you to the top-charted hotels in Dubai. Serving a wide assortment of cuisines accompanied by classic cocktails, Dubai has no doubt one of the wonderful groups of restaurants.

-Scape Restaurant, Burj Al Arab
-Atmosphere Restaurant, Burj Khalifa
-Bleu Blanc, The Renaissance Downtown Hotel
-Prime 68, JW Marriott Marquis Dubai
-Armani, Armani Hotel
-Play Restaurant and Lounge, H Hotel Dubai

C. Feast yourself to an evening exotic dining and fireworks, simultaneously!

And what if we help you enjoy a family dinner along with being a spectator of the roaring fireworks. Isn’t it dreamy?

Get your tables booked at one of these gorgeous places and you can eat and drink sitting under the bright sky-
-360 degree restaurant bar
-Atlantis- The Palm
-Madinat Jumeirah
-Downtown Dubai

D. How can you not glide into New Year’s Eve Dhow Cruise in Dubai?

Dhow Cruise is magical!

When you have stepped on it, get ready for the most romantic and spectacular experience in Dubai. The cruise moves along the creek showing you the best of this emerging city. Also, you’ll enjoy the midnight dinner, cake, and champagne under the glittering sky.

E. Dubai treats the party freaks in its own way!

Are you looking for a destination that manages a grooving party with the chill crowd, free-flowing house of champagne and splendid lit view on the New Year? Dubai is going to surprise you-


This is a pool party. Sounds perfect to us! From a restaurant terrace that has an array of canapés, live cooking junctions and house of beverages to live shows at Burj Khalifa, this place is set to magnetize you.

2.Dubai Mall

Dig into the freshest meals, dance on the live bands and watch everything happening beautiful in the Burj Khalifa from the Dubai Mall.


he bar goes mad when international DJs come for their live concerts and play some chart-topping hits.

4.Coco on eight Miami Vice

Want to be in the beach till the break of the dawn? Yes, you can beat the heat at this luxurious hotel with live music, trendy atmosphere and 3-course meal.

5.Hyatt Regency Dubai

It has everything- food, entertainment, views and fun. Get the acrobats, jugglers, DJ, band and dancers to keep you occupied with thrill.

There are many other party harbors like the Zero Gravity, Soho Garden, White, Inner City Zoo, Blue Marlin Ibiza, and Candypants. Dubai keeps you covered for all moods and themes.

F. Welcome the New Year on the electrifying Desert Safari!

It’s an Aladdin-style adventure!

Desert Safari is one of the popular options to be picked all the year round. From hitting the desert sands in the monstrous 4*4 cruiser and watching the stunning sunset views to enjoying a plethora of colorful activities, desert safari tour is the iconic trip that one has always dreamed of. The night is made memorable with belly dancing, buffet, and henna painting- taking you to the New Year in the traditional style.

We hope the list is enough to encourage your Dubai trip this New Year. No doubt, Dubai has got the best of actions for the New Year festive. And fun is guaranteed.

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  1. Heard and read a lot about the fireworks carried out during the New Year celebrations in Dubai. But haven’t seen it in person. Let’s hope we can make a trip to Dubai this year.

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