Explore the calm & alluring environment of the Dubai Water Canal

Dubai Water Canal Image

The Dubai water canal is a majestic artificial creation of Dubai that offers a beautiful sight to the eyes and long lasting to one’s memory. The artificial channel inaugurated in November 2016 boasts of shopping centers, high-end hotels, walkways, luxury apartments and perfect outdoors for exercise junkies. The Water Canal, a 6 km long waterway, which one of the world’s

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Upgrade your Dubai visit with these Dubai Apps

Dubai app Image

Dubai offers a mind-blowing collection of cultural highlights and stunning attractions. The diversity in the set of attractions and activities listed in Dubai is unique and unmatchable. But it does become difficult to explore these fascinating sites all in one go. The Dubai app has been built by the Dubai Government to help tourists and visitors explore the Dubai city

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The New Face of Dubai – The Landmark Conservation Tourism Project

Dubai is off to set a new record by launching the Landmark Conservation Tourism Project called the Marmoom Reserve project; it will be the most significant sustainable environment and is said to boost tourism in Dubai. This Tourism Project Dubai lays special emphasis on species conservation, renewable energy development, local economic development, tourism development, waste recycling, wetland and water conservation,

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Check out these incredible Dubai attractions in 2018

Dubai is a place where wonders never cease to exist. Dubai has time and again proved its potential as a dynamic and ultra-modern township. It’s indeed a marvel to follow how a small desert emirate transformed into a dynamic city. Not afraid of challenges, brimming with innovations, Dubai has rapidly made possible so much in such a short span of

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The 10 Best Indian Restaurants in Dubai

What if someone told you that the some of the best Indian food in the world, can actually be found in Dubai. Yes, this is true. Dubai is home to a sizeable Indian population, and the city also sees many tourists from India. To cater to them, many Indian restaurant businesses opened up. These restaurants grew and now serve some

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