The Best Apps You Should Download Before Visiting Dubai

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Dubai offers a mind-blowing collection of cultural highlights and stunning attractions. The diversity in the set of attractions and activities listed in Dubai is unique and unmatchable. But it does become difficult to explore these fascinating sites all in one go. The Dubai app has been built by the Dubai Government to help tourists and visitors explore the Dubai city like a local. From the iconic Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab to the modern attractions like Dubai Miracle Garden and Jumeirah beach, the Dubai app gives you a vibrant and exciting set of activities through your tour that matches all tastes and age groups.

The Dubai app is designed to match the taste and requirements of tourists and visitors and to simplify Dubai to them. The Dubai app is one of the best ways to cover all the significant landmarks and attractions of Dubai and at the same time browsing through the cultural highlights of the Emirate. Come and explore the Dubai city conveniently and affordably without compromising on many factors. We have listed you some of the mobile applications that will help you uncover the best offerings of Dubai. These apps do not feature in the list in the order of significance.

Best Mobile Apps for Dubai Tourists

1. Dubai Calendar

Dubai Calender App

This free mobile app is powered by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing News & Magazines. This app helps you to keep track of the events, exhibitions, conferences, promotions, festivals, and events about art, culture, health, fashion, and sport in the city. The Dubai Calendar is the perfect gateway to be a part of the most vibrant and electrifying happenings in the town.

2. Definitely Dubai
Initiated by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing Travel & Local, the Definitely Dubai mobile app gives you a glimpse of the dynamic nature of Dubai’s reputation as a modern business hub and a tourist hub. It offers a varied range of attractions, attractive shopping destinations, fine dining and world-class hotels. Some of the highlights of the mobile app include the official Dubai Food Festival calendar of delightful culinary events, special deals and offers of the day, and promotions offered by restaurants spread all over the city. You can’t get a better app to explore the beautiful city of Dubai.

3. Dubai Metro App

Dubai Metro Train App Image


An offline application incepted by FINOIT that spreads convenience and flexibility to both locals and tourists alike. This app provides all the essential information any traveler would require for traveling via the Dubai Metro to every corner of the city. Some of the crucial features include “search by location”, “categories-wise segregation of various metro zones”, “different line-wise information’, “search by address”, “source and destinations”, “route search”, interactive maps to calculate fair and time from one station to another.

4. Dubai Tourism

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Dubai Tourism gives you the best feel of Dubai like a local. It lists all the fantastic set of events, things to do, and attractions in your geographical location. One of the best ways to explore the land of Dubai. You can easily time your sightseeing based on your location, time, and what you want to do, etc. This app gives users useful information about the Dubai culture, etiquettes, mode of transport, and even emergency assistance all available at a click of a button.

5. Dubai Police

Dubai Police App New


Every traveler visiting Dubai has obvious concerns about their safety. Although, Dubai is one of the safest places on planet earth, there are bound to be some mishappenings occurring in different parts of the city. The Dubai Government has launched the Dubai Police app to pamper the population with high security. The app provides information about traffic, community service, and safety. All the latest updates automatically update in this app. Helping in enhancing public satisfaction as the mobile apps come with convenience, and ease the time and efforts taken to prevent a crime or mishappening. Some of the key highlights of this mobile app include Fine payment with driving license verification; police report inquiry, social media, police station location & contact details, tourist security, road status notification, and much more.

6. RTA Dubai

Rta Dubai App New Image


An interactive based application from RTA Dubai for the Dubai city residents and tourists that is designed to support users with information about roads and public transport. Users can quickly report their complaints and concerns to the RTA directly using their smartphones. Also available are the nearest metro or bus station, taxi booking services, fare calculation, POI listing of Dubai, shopping destinations, mParking facilities, health facilities, etc.

7. Dubai Airports

Dubai Airports App Image New


A free official passenger mobile application powered by Dubai Airports. This app gives you updated information about all the flights arriving and departing from the land of Dubai. Any information you need about your flight schedules and airports across the city can be accessed with a single click. So whether you want to customize your journey, track flight status, need flight information with live alerts, the app is a complete Bible to receive all authentic details. The app also features reviews of the famous restaurants in Dubai via the social media. One of the apps that should be downloaded instantly on your arrival in Dubai.

8. Dubai mParking

Mparking Dubai App Image


This mobile app helps drivers to purchase parking tickets around the city. Launched by Emiapp, it features an interactive learn as you travel, tracking parking history & expenses, free parking notification, etc. What more, well the app supports both English and Arabic languages, making it ideal for both locals and tourists alike.

Dubai features as one of the modern urban destinations in the world. Being a tourist hub featuring memorable landmarks & attractions and savoring local delicacies, the Dubai city tour makes up for an unforgettable experience. The glitzy, glamorous, and opulent nature of Dubai gives you an excellent feel of the culture, traditions, and customs prevalent in Dubai.

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