One Day in Dubai Itinerary – Top things to do in Dubai


Dubai is a modern tourist destination that has caught the attention of several tourists across the globe. Tourism has in fact been a powerhouse in the last decade or so and been an essential element in the taste of Dubai. If you are on Trip to Dubai for a day or so, you will not be able to do justice to this beautiful Emirate, but you would be surprised with the fun things to do in Dubai. This modern world-class destination offers classy attractions and fascinating indulgences that meet the taste and requirements of all travelers across all age groups. We bring you some ideas to capture the best of the Dubai Emirate in a day.

Some of the favorite indulgences that you would probably miss out during your one-day trip to Dubai is the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, the Dubai Desert Safari, and the Grand Mosque Dubai. The above activities would cover half a day that will not give you sufficient time to uncover other attractions. Hence we recommend you to skip these activities. If you still want to go ahead, head first to the Grand Mosque Dubai and then to the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary.

Getting into the city

Dubai International Airport ImageThe UAE Smart Gates automatically scan your passports at the airport. Thus, saving you ample amount of time waiting in the immigration queues. Catch a cab or board the metro to reach the city. The metro is one of the cost-effective ways to browse through the highlights of the town in a flash. Purchase metro tickets from the automated ticket vending machine or purchase a day-long pass for some significant benefits. If you take a VIP ticket, you can travel in first class coach. This coach has a glass ceiling that offers fascinating views of the skyscrapers.

Early Morning

1.Hot Air Balloon ride


Early mornings is the best time to indulge in the Hot Air Balloon ride as it gets a bit tough later in the day due to the extreme sun. This ride gives you a date in the clouds with the tall skyscrapers of the city and helps you cover notable highlights of the city from the top. You can alternatively also enjoy stellar views of the city landscape on the 124th observation floor of the Burj Khalifa. Do give these activities a skip if you want to freshen up at the hotel before heading for an exploration of the Emirate.


1.Shopping in Dubai

Dubai MallShopping in Dubai is the favorite pastime of the locals and tourists alike. With the kind of variety available at your disposal, anybody is expected to fall.  There are several world-class malls, boutiques, and the Souks in old Dubai where you can explore your shopping thirst to the maximum. Although you can spend almost an entire day shopping, we would recommend you to control your shopping desires and move on to explore the fabulous city. The River Island Dubai offers an incredible shopping experience where you can stock up wardrobe with your favorite labels.

2.The Dubai Bazaar

The Dubai Bazaar is an online portal where you can purchase several items ranging from clothing, souvenirs, homeware, electronic products, and much more. Perfect for the travelers who wish to buy everything at a click of a button rather than heading out in the hot sun.

3.Exploring the cultural heritage of the Emirate in old Dubai


If shopping is not your primary criteria, then a visit to old Dubai regions like Bur Dubai and the Dubai Creek is an experience in itself. Get a glimpse of the rich cultural heritage of the city by exploring the Dubai Museum. The Dubai Heritage Village is also another attraction that you can head to during your one-day trip. It is a fabulous experience watching the craftsmen at work. You also get more profound insights into the pearl diving history and architecture.

4.Adventurous activities at iFly Dubai

Ifly Dubai ImageWell, for some indulging in some action gives an adrenaline pumping experience. To feel the thrill of these, head to iFly Dubai where you get to indulge in indoor activities like skydiving, bungee jumping, and base jumping. Yes! You heard it right; all these activities can be experienced indoors. You can even head to Ski Dubai in the Mall of the Emirates where you can experience some snow and skiing opportunities alongside a group of residing penguins.

5.Early evenings & Sunset

Burj-al-ArabWe would recommend you to head to the iconic Burj Al Arab and enjoy a short evening tea and a quick snack. The only seven stars rated hotel in the world oozes with opulence from every corner. This site needs to be on your list irrespective of the number of days you are in the Emirate. There are some captivating sites in Dubai where you can view the mesmerizing sunset. One of them being the sunset beach where you can also experience fabulous views of the Burj Al Arab. If you still have time on your hands, head to the human-made Palm Islands. One of the monumental tasks performed by man, this place deserves to be on your checklist.

3.Late Evenings

1.Dubai Fountains

Dubai Fountain ImageThe dancing Dubai Fountains is going to capture your attention immediately at the very first sight. The most massive choreographed fountains in the world displays sprayed water jets in sync with modern Arabic and International music tunes. Situated in the neighborhood of the iconic Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall, enjoying this fascinating water and light show is a spectacular sight to witness. There are daily shows every half an hour till 11 pm in the night. Catch hold of the best seat in the house to see this captivating display.

2.Dubai Marina Walk

Dubai Marina WaterfrontMany travelers and visitors often wonder the indulgence once they reach the famous Dubai Marina Walk. You would be spoilt for choices considering the options available at your disposal. A 7-km beach front paved pedestrian walkway features an array of 300+ retail outlets and close to 69 restaurants to match all tastes from different backgrounds. The evenings create a vibrant atmosphere, and a lively ambiance lights up all moods in the city.

3.Romantic Cruise on the Dubai Creek or the Dubai Marina

Dhow Cruise at Dubai Creek

One of the fun things to do in Dubai at late night is to hop on to a traditional abra boat and experience a romantic skyline decorated with beautiful stars. With plenty of entertainment and exciting activities to indulge, this would be the perfect end to your fun-filled day. The ride lasts for about 60-90 minutes, and you can feast on the delicious International buffet on the cruise itself.

4.Bidding Farewell to Dubai

Time is a luxury for travelers who want to explore the Dubai Emirate. However, you can end your fabulous trip to Dubai by indulging in some duty-free shopping at the airport. There are several fun things to do in Dubai. All the things cannot be stated in just one article.

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