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Dubai has a mixed population. People from various nationalities live here with their family. Being a tourism hub, education right from pre-primary, secondary to post graduation is taken very seriously in the city. Not only the initial education, the adult education and professional courses are also given great importance. Although the fee structure, pattern and curriculum differ, the basic necessities are covered across all the institutions.

5 Best Tips For Studying in Dubai

1.Things to know about Education in Dubai:

Due to a heavy population of expats living in Dubai, there are various curriculums prevalent such as British, Indian, Iranian, American, Filipino, Pakistani, Russian, German, Japanese, Canadian, and more.
Any student who does not belong to the Arabic heritage MUST undertake Arabic classes. Similarly, it is mandatory for Arab and Muslim children to undertake Islamic studies.
According to the school parent contract in Dubai, if any parent uses the social media to defame or complain about school, the school reserves all the right to expel the child.
Primary education from the age of 5 is compulsory as per the UAE ministry of education.
Expat students are not allowed in government run schools and colleges in Dubai. They can have schooling only from private institutions.

2.Selecting the right school for your child:

This can be a very difficult choice. Most of the schools in Dubai offer great facilities, after school activities and high educational quality, thus, making it difficult to select a school ideal for the child. However, while looking for the right school, you must keep the following pointes in mind.

a. Once you select a few choices, consider researching the background, qualifications, experience of the teachers, principal, and center heads. In Dubai cultural and religious differences in schools environment can be a major influence.
b. Try to give your child a curriculum, you think is right for him. Dubai private schools give you the advantage of different curriculums, use it.
c. It is very important to understand the environment prevalent in the school. An institution with Arabic environment will be focusing on Islamic values and education. While a school offering western style education will offer a contrasting environment for the child.
d. It is advisable to personally visit the school premises to understand the environment. You instincts as a parent can be far more decisive than any research done on the internet.

3.Average School Fees in Dubai:

The cost of living in Dubai is on a higher side and so is the fee for private schools. As a matter of fact, it has seen a sharp rise in the past 5 years. Taking nearest approximate figures in to account, an average primary school fee in Dubai starts from somewhere around Dhs 40000 and increases as the child progresses to higher grades. The average school fee of a senior year student would be approximately Dhs 70000 to 90000. These figures are exclusive of the administration fee that ranges somewhere around Dhs 2000 to Dhs 5000.

Here’s a well segregated list of schools and colleges in Dubai that will give you a perfect idea about the good education options in Dubai.

4.Dubai Kindergarten and Nursery Schools:

  1. Step by Step Nursery, Layan Dubailand-
  2. Kiddy Planet Nursery, Umm Sequim, Al Quoz-
  3. Willow Children’s Nursery Dubai Marina & Jumeirah-
  4. Green Grass Nursery, Jumeirah-
  5. About Safari Kids, Jumeirah-
  6. The Children’s Garden, Jumeirah – 04 349 2985
  7. Kids Cottage Nursery, Jumeirah-
  8. Emerald City Nursery, Al Wasl and Jumeirah-
  9. Golden Gate Nursery Umm Al Sheif-
  10. Rainbow Valley Nursery, JLT-
  11. Baby Home Nursery, JLT-
  12. About Bright Sparks ELC, Al Barsha South-
  13. Kiddy Planet Nursery, Umm Sequim & Al Quoz-

5.Schools and Colleges:

Swiss International School Dubai-
Raffles World Academy-
Star International School Mirdif-
Jumeirah English Speaking School-
Raffles International School-
Dubai British School-
Collegiate American School-
Jumeirah Baccalaureate School-
National Design Academy-
Dubai College-
Universal American School-
The English College-

Dubai being a hot country, it is difficult to find the same level of enthusiasm for extracurricular activities as in other countries. Here schools pay extra attention of the curriculum, so if your child is studying in Dubai be ready for homework and a heavy bag but rest assured, the quality of education is never compromised.

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