7 Most Happening Nightclubs in Dubai


One of the main reasons for Dubai’s soaring popularity is the vibrant and classy nightlife of the metropolis. This city of emirates plays an incredible host to some of the best club nights and allows the guests to enjoy the most excellent of DJs from all across the globe. A regular celebrity hangout, Dubai nightlife is known to be at par with international standards overcoming the fact that it is primarily a part of a conservative Muslim country.

The best of nightclubs in Dubai are mostly located as part of the big hotels. Packed on almost all Thursday and Friday nights, these clubs allow the guests to relax, unwind and enjoy the best on the weekends.

‘Tip-Offs’ for the Dubai Nightclubs:

  • There are many hotspots of the Dubai Nightlife clubs that especially host all ladies’ night out every Tuesday of the week.
  • While short dresses like minis and micros are frowned upon as dresses for women in the Arab city, most of the nightclubs welcome women with them. In fact, the nightclubs have special bouncers to escort the ones with modish dresses.
  • With the sudden overflow of people in the nightclubs now, most of them ask for a nominal entry fee. Earlier almost all the clubs had free entry.
  • The nightclubs in Dubai very strictly adhere to the age limit of 21 years for drinking alcohol.
  • While passports are valid ID proof for the ex-pats, the residents are expected to bring a valid driving license as age identification proof.
  • Some clubs allow entry only to people over 25 years of age. Check it up before you go.
  • Do NOT drink and drive. It assures jail time if caught by the vigilant Dubai Police. Ordering a cab is the safest way to post a night out.
  • While the clubs start overflowing with guests around 10 pm, the bars close at around 1:00 am and the guests are asked to vacate the premises latest by 3:00 am.
  • Most clubs do not allow people with flip-flops and casual dresses. Dressings right for the nightclub is quite a necessity.

Best Nightclubs in Dubai:

1. Club 360

360-night club

The place almost has no competition for itself. Just 1 kilometer in the beautiful Arabian Gulf, the club is perched scenically on a rooftop; this circular nightclub offers some of the most magnificent views of the Burj- Al –Arab. One of the favorite party spots of Dubai’s A-listers, Club 360 offers a perfect way to enjoy the night for its guests with the best DJs in the city. The menu also includes some of the best dishes in Dubai.

Address: Jumeirah Beach Hotel, End of the Marina Walkway, Jumeirah Road, Dubai, UAE

2. Boudoir

Boudoir Night Club

One of the best places to visit at night in Dubai, Boudoir is known for its exclusive guests, exceptionally charged atmosphere, and for giving special treatment to its female guests. The place is specially loved by the resident Lebanese crowd. With a variety of different musical events every day of the week with the best reserved for the weekend nights, Boudoir is known for serving ladies champagne every night on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights.

Address: Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa, Jumeirah St, Jumeirah, Jumeirah 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

3. Billionaire Dubai 

One of Dubai’s finest nightclubs, Billionaire Dubai introduces you to electrifying nightlife in a luxe setting. Enjoy top services, delicious food, and amazing live entertainment. The club also organizes theatrical performances for the guests to indulge in sensory art. Some of the notable performers in the past are Jason Derulo, Will and Jaden Smith, Bob Sinclar and Andrea Bocelli. There is an elegant dining experience as well that features Italian and Japenese cuisine.

Address: Billionaire Mansion, Taj Hotel, 50252, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

4. Nasimi Beach

Nasimi Beach

Party on an artificial beach almost 7kms into the sea, Nasimi beach offers a unique party experience with the clubbers enjoying a spectacular sea line and cherished party experience with awesome Djs, exceptionally kicking cocktails, and a spacious area. Nasimi beach is now a must–visit on the list of Dubai partygoers.

Address: Atlantis The Palm, Dubai, UAE

5. Barsati

Looking for an exclusive nightclub that promises a vibrant night without having to dress to impress? Barsati is your place to be. A laid-back place offering a spectacular view of the Arabian Sea, the place has 2 levels of entertainment. While the ground floor is for the relaxing laid- back crowd looking to enjoy classical live music, the upper floor is for the charged-up looking to burn some calories dancing their heart out.

Address: Al Sufouh Road, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

6. Armani/Privé

Armani Hotel Dubai

Take your clubbing experience to a luxurious level by hitting the vibrant Armani club. Known for its signature hospitality and vibrant culture, Armani gives you the true essence of Dubai’s happening lifestyle. The space is designed by Giorgio Armani for guests who want to hang out and dance in a high-end club. You will stumble upon international artists and DJs at the classy lounge, terrace, and club. No wonder it will be a night to reminisce for a lifetime. You can also enjoy the best of Dubai Mall nearby.

Address: Burj Khalifa – Lobby Level, Armani Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

7. Sky 2.0

Another first-class nightclub in Dubai, Sky 2.0 is built by the same brains who designed the award-winning SKYBAR Beirut. Imitating the spaceship, this is a standalone night club with lavish interior and delectable menu. From R&B to hip-hop, get your groove on with the most fabulous music. The energetic vibe will make you raise hands in the air and dance your night away.

Address: Dubai Design District, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


From special ladies’ night outs to everyday fun nights, the nightclubs paint an entirely different picture of the family-friendly city of Dubai at night. These places witness partygoers from every walk of life and serve some of the best drinks that add the required punch to the night.  These nightclubs are a perfect way to relax and enjoy a great night after a hectic work day.

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  1. It is good that Dubai offers some nightclubs where ladies can let loose their hair and be what they are. I will share these nightclubs with my girl gang so that we can choose a few for a night out.

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