Know Everything About The Famous Food Festival In Dubai

Food festivals in Dubai

The third edition of the Dubai Food Festival is all set to go, and the organizers have uncovered the entire 17-day itinerary of the various activities, events, and other things which the guests and tourists can indulge in at the Dubai food festival which kicks off on February 25th this year. Approximately 1000 restaurants and close to 30 celebrity chefs are expected to be part of this event to showcase the creativity, diversity, and multicultural nature which is considered an integral part of the Dubai Food Festival. The Dubai Food Festival is unveiled under a new name ‘Celebrate Taste’ this year. Favorites such as the Etisalat Beach Canteen, the Al Islami presented Masterclass Series and the popular Taste of Dubai is all set to make a comeback. The food festival is also set to face new exciting events such as Dine With The Stars, Dubai Restaurant Week, and Eat the World DXB. Following are some of the musts check out events and activities which all guests and tourists should indulge in to experience the best of the Dubai Food Festival.

Activities and Events at Dubai Food Festival

1.Dine With The Stars(February 25 – 26, 2016)

Guests and tourists have this wonderful opportunity to share the dinner seat with celebrity chefs and enjoy a customized menu crafted especially for them on this occasion. on the first day evening, you would be served an exclusive Middle Eastern themed cuisine by the Chef Manal Al-Alem. And on the second day, a five-course meal prepared by five celebrity chefs, namely Manu Feildel, George Calombaris, Matt Moran, Gary Mehigan, and Shannon Bennett.

2.Eat the World DXB at the Burj Park(February 25 – 27, 2016)

You can enjoy the authentic food and exhilarating music in this event. There are 15 international street food traders which include some local greats. You would be thrilled to experience a curated market, chef demo theatre with some famous celebrities, and children’s activities.

3.Dubai Restaurant Week (February 25 – March 5, 2016)

Around 30 of the finest restaurants in the city are all set to offer a mouthwatering three-course menu at unbelievably affordable prices. Be the first one in the queue to avoid missing out on this fabulous offer. You should definitely not miss this opportunity to entice your taste buds with some of the best cuisine available at your disposal.

4.Celebrate Taste (February 25 – March 12, 2016)

You would be surprised at the return of the Etisalat Beach Canteen, Kite Beach, which has revamped as per the customer’s requirements. This should definitely on your go-to list and one of the essential things to check out in the Dubai Food Festival this year. The inclusions are delicious 15 home-grown restaurant concepts along with celebrity chefs. There is complete entertainment for the entire family like DJs, beach cinema, children activities, fashion market and the farmer’s market, and beach sports.

5.Signature Events (February 25 – March 12, 2016)

Some of the best city restaurants are teaming up with the Dubai Food Festival to showcase the awesome cuisines on offer in Dubai. Some of the popular spots in the city are a part of this programme. This also features family day outs like the Great Britain Garden Party at the Reform Social and the Full Moon Dinner at the Pierchic. Your entire family is surely going to have the time of their lives at this Dubai Signature Events in the Dubai Food Festival.

6.Signature Tastes (February 25 – March 12, 2016)

Participating restaurants are offering their signature edition menus and dishes. Participants are entitled to win prizes worth Dh 250,000 in this event. This is the perfect way to tease your taste buds with new menu items from your favorite restaurants.

7.Global Village (February 25 – March 12, 2016)

Global Village would be reaching a new milestone by entering its 20th season this year. They offer authentic street food at various restaurants, kiosks, cafes which fall under the Signature Taste promotion.

8.Gumball Park at the BOXPARK (February 25 – March 12, 2016)

Customers who spend above Dh 200 are eligible to win a Gold Gummy bear worth Dh 30,000 or some instant prizes like free meals.

9.Cookie of Fortune at the Beach (February 25 – March 12, 2016)

Customers are eligible to win instant prizes like 50% of a meal or a free drink from one of the restaurants. The grand prize on offer is a Golden Cookie worth Dh 30,000. There are other activities like the Fortune cookie workshop where customers are given tutorials on the preparation of origami fortune cookies. Musical entertainment is a key feature of this event for the purpose of encouraging patrons to participate in ‘Spend & Win’ competitions.

10.Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Stadium (February 15 – 27, 2016)

Newcomers can enjoy the famous French, 3-Michelin starred Chef, Jean-George signature dishes like Pretzel Dusted Baby Squid, with homemade Mustard Aioli and Spicy Marinara. These delicious dishes are available

11.Dubai Long Table (February 26, 2016)

Long Table would be the first ever longest dining experiences which you can enjoy. This event would give 1000 exclusive guests this rare opportunity to experience six types of three-course menus which have been prepared by award winning chefs.

12.The Fatafeat Kitchen in the Dubai Mall (February 26 – 27, 2016)

Live cooking demonstrations are given on Arab TV’s only dedicated food channel, which would be hosting its second Fatafat Kitchen. This event would be featuring 9 famous chefs like Layla Fathalla, Arda Turkment, Mohammed Orfali, Lidia Bastianich, Sadiqa Ismail, Dadd Abu, Wafaa Al Kandari, Tarek Ibrahim, and Salma Sulaiman. This event also features tastings, public competitions along with Q&A panels.

13.Kids Dine Free (February 27, 2016)

Children under 12 are accompanied by an adult to experience a wonderful three-course menu. This a perfect occasion to enjoy this delicious meal with your family. You can also engage yourself in several entertainment offerings.

14.Masterclass Series (February 26 – March 11, 2016)

International and local chefs would be offering Masterclasses at the Dubai’s School of Culinary and Finishing Arts in the first half of the series. These series would be presented by Al Islami. The five celebrity chefs namely Matt Moran, Manu Feidel, Shannon Benett, Man Al-Alem, and Gary Mehigan would be a part of these series along with the winner of MasterChef India & New Zealand in the latter half of the series.

15.Local Greats Masterclass Series (March 8 – 11, 2016)

Celebrity chefs from Dubai’s restaurants would unveil their top tips and tricks in the mid of the festival week. These series are presented by Al Islami.

16.The Big Grill at the Emirates Golf Club (March 4 – 5, 2016)

You can experience the best of barbeque along with some great music and complete family entertainment activities. There are several local restaurants who participate in this event to showcase their barbeque delicacies and other specialties.

17.Street Nights at the Bay Avenue in Business Bay (March 4 – 5, 2016)

Guests and tourists can experience the best of the local street culture at the Bay Avenue in the Business Bay. They would feature local live street art, food trucks, live performances along with a night bazaar.

18.Taste of Dubai at the Media City Amphitheatre (March 10 – 12, 2016)

The re-entry of this event has spiced up the Dubai Food Festival. With an array of celebrity chefs, fine-dining restaurants and several new features for all guests and tourists.

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  1. It seems food festivals in Dubai are held only in February and March. There are so many varieties in this city due to it being a potpourri of culture, I think these types of events must be held all-round the year.

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