Reasons why you have to Visit Dubai


Dubai is an astonishing tourist destination with lots of attraction attractions. It includes awe-inspiring landmarks, pristine and clean beaches, shopping malls and much more. There is no point of surprise to know that Dubai is the eighth most visited city throughout the world. There are many people who love to visit Dubai but they fear of the many rumors surrounding the Middle Eastern culture and Dubai’s government. These fears are moreover overstated just due to lack of understanding and nothing else. As long as visitors are aware of and respect the basic rules, there is absolutely no reason to be afraid in planning the next tour to Dubai.

Why Dubai should be your Next Holiday Destination?

1.Don’t get scared of the Location

Dubai lies in the UAE that is at the core of the Middle East. The city has a neighboring border with Saudi Arabia; it is just across the Persian Gulf from Iran and is not very far from Syria and Iraq. People are generally scared of this part of the region due to the shocking news that makes headlines on day to day basis, about the armed clashes in most of these countries. If you think carefully and attentively, you will find that the UAE has not only been ever mentioned among the pessimistic headlines, but also has kept all those issues well out of its borders.

2.Being a Muslim extremist and just a MUSLIM is Different

No doubt, Dubai is a Muslim country and the Sharia law governs the city. So, it simply means that the government leaders are also the religious leaders and their interpretation of Muslim religion is obligatory. Gratefully, the Muslim culture has nothing to fear about, however, is very beautiful and indeed appreciating. It is wrong to judge the Muslim faith just on the basis of listening to the headlines and news. The government of Dubai goes to great lengths to ensure that the Muslim extremists have no place and are completely eradicated from Dubai.

3.Dubai is a city of the Tourists and For the Tourists

Dubai is a city that welcomes tourists throughout the year. It has millions and millions of Western tourists and it aims to attract more millions. In Dubai, tourists are given the highest priority and you can feel this right from the moment you arrive at the Dubai airport. Almost all the signs here are in the English language ad you will encounter a problem finding workers from your country who are working at restaurants and stores. You will not find this issue only at the airport, but across the whole city. Out of the total population of Dubai, only 20% is Emirati, and hence you need to make lots of adjustments to keep the remaining 80% happy and contented.

4.Respect the Laws of the City

Though Dubai is quite understanding, tolerant and a relaxed city, still there are several rules that need tourists to behave accordingly. Enforced by the local police officers of Dubai, these rules mandate one to abstain from doing wrong acts. A fine may be imposed, if they find that the disobedience is severe. Dubai is a city that is quite contented with foreign customs; however the rule is to respect theirs. If you follow these fundamental standards of modesty, you will not face any problem with the UAE law.

5.Why is Dubai so Safe to Travel

1. A large majority of people you will come across here are from other countries. So, if they commit any crime they will be soon deported and this is the reason that prevents a majority of crimes from happening in Dubai.

2. You will not be interacting with the locals as a tourist because almost all the employees are from other countries. Moreover, the locals here are very polite and hospitable, so there is nothing to worry about such unfortunate incidents as pick-pocketing.

3. The citizens in the region are described as ‘salad bowl’ and ‘melting pot’. It means they are very easy to go with.

4. Dubai is a very authentic city and full of glitz-glam. You can spend a lot of time here creatively and pleasantly, as the ambience here offers the same. It is the best place to stay occupied.

5. Dubai has one of the most captivating cultures. It is beyond description, and you’ll see here people from different parts of the world living together in harmony.

Dubai is a very charming city and if you are planning a trip to Dubai, don’t forget that it is a part of the United Arab Emirates. Though, it is a very popular and glamorous destination, it is a Muslim country and their laws are somewhat conservative. Remember that you are visiting another country and so you need to be well familiar with its laws and culture before you plan a trip.

Some of the laws you should know are avoid public displays of affection like kissing and hugging. Do not keep any illegal drugs with you, do not drink and drive, and avoid taking pictures of the locals women in particular. Some government buildings do not allow taking photographs. So, if you abide by these simple rules and laws and follow them honestly, you will never face a problem in Dubai. Hence, there is no need to be afraid to visit Dubai. So, now plan your Dubai trip calmly without any worries with your family or friends.

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  1. When it comes to an Islamic country, people have different notions for visiting it since most of such countries follow their own rules and regulations. This blog will clear all the notions they’re holding about Dubai.

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