Dubai Emergency Telephone Numbers


Although rated as one of the safest cities on the planet, unfortunate incidents still happen in Dubai. Even with the best of security and arrangements a tourist can run in to troubles when in a foreign country. While you plan your visit to the great city of Dubai, ensure you have all these emergency numbers handy.

Complete List of Emergency Phone Numbers in Dubai

1.Dubai Emergency numbers

Ambulance/ Air rescue/ Police emergency- 999
Ambulance – 999/998
Police- 901 (Non-emergency) 999 (emergency)
Coast Guard- 996
Fire Department- 997
DEWA water electricity- 991

2.In case of Medical emergencies

In case of medical emergencies like accidents or sudden health issues call 999. In case you want to call hospitals directly, the below mentioned number can be used based on your location.

3.List of Government hospitals

Latifa hospital, Al Jadaf – 042193000
Dubai Hospital Diera, Al Bahara- 042195000
Rashid Hospital, Oud Metha- 042191000
List of Private Hospitals:
Zulekha Hospital, Al Nahad2- 042678866
Welcare hospital, Garhound- 8004428
The City Hospital, Healthcare city- 044359999
Medcare Hospital- 044079111
Cedars, jebel Ali Free Zone – 048814000
Belhoul specialty hospital- 042140257
American Hospital- 043367777

4.24 hour open Pharmacies

Ibn Sina Central Pharmacy, Bur Dubai- 043556909
Sondos Pharmacy, Satwa- 043460660
Life Pharmacy, Jumeirah, Al Wasi- 043441122
Yara Pharmacy- Diera- 042225503

5.The Major Helpline numbers of Dubai

To report the criminal activity (anonymously) – 800 4888
Dubai foundation for women and children- 800 111
Consumer rights department- 600 545 555
Alcoholics report (anonymous)-056 149 6292
Family support group, Al Anon- 050 697 4393
For Road services- 800 44 30

6.Dubai Air Helpline numbers

Flight Enquiry- 04224 57777
Dubai International airport number- 04224 5555
Dubai Airport flight information portal- 04216 6666

7.Tourist Helpline numbers

Tourist security department of Dubai Police- 800 4438
Amer service, Dubai hotline for foreign affairs- 0422 15555
Dubai Police Victim Support Program- 800 8989

As a tourist you must know the laws of Dubai because although the city is extremely tourist friendly, laws in the city are very strict. The city has a blend of modernity and traditional values and in their culture and certain rules and regulations are to be followed. In cases of the breach of the required code of conduct, a tourist may get into legal tussle. So while in Dubai, stay out of trouble as much as possible.

Here are a few points you must keep in mind while in Dubai

• It is important to obey the prevalent public Muslim laws while you are in Dubai which includes not getting too cozy with your partner in public places.
• If you are caught breaking any of the Dubai law, you will be arrested, questioned and will be required to make a statement. Unlike other countries, don’t expect to get outside help or consular access.
• There is no distinction between the nationals and the non-nationals in the UAE jurisdiction. Laws are the same for everyone.
• Drive even under the minimal influence of alcohol and you will certainly end up in jail, if caught.
• In case you get arrested, no matter whichever country you belong to, even the UK, USA or any European embassy also won’t be able to help you more than just giving you contacts of the lawyers. The laws in Dubai and UAE are extremely strict.
• Before carrying over the counter medicines for as simple issues as cold and flu or back pain, check it up whether it is considered illegal in the strict drug law of UAE. In case you have to take medicines, you MUST carry a prescription duly attested from the Doctor.
• Understand the sharia law followed in Dubai beforehand. A British woman is facing 16month prison term for reporting her rape to the Police of Dubai. She was charged because according to sharia law, an act of rape on a woman is proven only if there are 4 male witnesses to the case.

Dubai is a great city and extremely tourist friendly; all you have to do is take care of its rather strict laws. Stay decent in your clothing and actions, and Dubai can prove to be a perfect tourist destination.

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