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The Dubai water canal is a majestic artificial creation of Dubai that offers a beautiful sight to the eyes and long lasting to one’s memory. The artificial channel inaugurated in November 2016 boasts of shopping centers, high-end hotels, walkways, luxury apartments and perfect outdoors for exercise junkies. The Water Canal, a 6 km long waterway, which one of the world’s most significant urban transformations winds its way from the Creek in Old Dubai to the Arabian Gulf through Business Bay.

The extension of Dubai Creek which has changed over Bur Dubai into an island at approx. AED 2.7 billion, the Dubai waterway is a unique endeavor, including a foundation redesign of one of Dubai’s busiest regions. The 3.2km water extension that spreads from 80 to 120 m wide and cuts through the heart of Dubai, the Sheikh Zayed Road through the Jumeirah district and finally connecting to the Arabian Gulf. With the help of this 6.4 km waterfront, the Emirate of Dubai has created 80,000sqm public space equipped with modern facilities including a 3km running track and a 12km cycling path.

dubai-canal-viewThe Canal is an incredible sight to explore and witness. There is likewise a mechanical waterfall, where the Canal meets the Sheik Zayed Road connect. This movement worked water think over attracts water through the scaffold in an exceedingly steady stream, noticeable from the promenade and is turned off once a device distinguishes a vessel adjacent. Five-person on foot spans are likewise accessible, three over the Canal, enabling guests to cross at significant focuses, take in the shocking vistas and watch the entry of water vessels underneath. The Canal is encompassed by advancements, both way of life, and relaxation which incorporates inns, retail choices, and eateries. There are a marina and a promenade, promising it will end up being a hotspot for occupants and guests alike. A man-made peninsula that will be shaped toward the finish of the Canal will fill in as an expansion of Jumeirah Beach Park, including one kilometer of sandy shoreline and expanding the recreational movement space in the territory.

All About Dubai Water Canal: Detail Guide

1.How to Go to Dubai Water Canal

Catch the Exit 49 route on Sheikh Zayed Road. Head straight to the paid car parking area placed below the Sheikh Zayed Road Bridge or take the first right and head straight before turning the first left behind Gulf News building/Printing Press. The paid parking area gets full quickly during peak visiting hours.

Sheikh Zayed Bridge Image Dubai Water Canal

You can reach within a couple of minutes by strolling along the canal. Get auto parking spots on little streets here. The closest station to the trench is through the Business Bay metro station. On the off chance that the climate is your ally, and you appreciate long strolls it’s around 15 minutes away by foot. On the other hand, one can hail a taxicab to spare vitality or to enjoy. One can discover the pickup and drop off at SZR connect, close Dubai Waterfall. There is a third energizing choice which is the Dubai Ferry. If you are going alone, parking is promptly accessible. Finding the area of the Dubai Water Canal is simple as the entrance is ideal alongside the St Regis Hotel and the JW Marquis Hotel Twin Towers.

This canal is an excitement to watch at night. The extensions and walkway are all around lit. Brilliantly lit high rises surround the waterway. It’s a fantastic spot for a super voyage or just a calm walk. The stroll along the waterway is ideal for an excellent walk around the colder months. Every one of the scaffolds worked over the channel is one of a kind. Appropriate for family social events, relaxation strolling/running fans.

2.Dubai Canal Waterfall

Dubai Canal Waterfall Image Dubai Water CanalThe Waterfall at the Dubai Water Canal is one of the spots that you should never miss out on during your visit here. Set on the extension on Sheik Zayed Road and is pink in color with a sensor attached to it. It consequently stops when a watercraft is going to go through which makes it enjoyable to watch. While the extension itself is lovely, the vantage point it gives you of the Canal is staggering, and we saw numerous individuals with their DSLRs snapping photographs of this new Dubai Tourist Destination. The Canal not only offers a marvelous view, but it also offers perks to everyone who’s there to enjoy the walk or view. There are Charging stations are everywhere to cater to your battery needs of phones or other gadgets. As part of the sustainable city envisioned by the government Streetlights in the Canal are solar-powered

3.Dubai Canal Timings

One does not need a ticket to watch the spectacular beauty of the canal. The waterfalls start around 8.00 pm and end at 10.00 pm. the best time to visit the Canal are between 8-10pm when the water starts flowing. If one is lucky and on any water transport that passes through the waterfall, the water ‘opens up’ and makes way for the craft.

4.Key Attractions

  • Five pedestrian bridges are interconnecting either side of the canal allowing the visitors to cross the canal at crucial points
  • Get set to experience captivating views of the canal on the bridge that is placed 8.5 meters above the water level
  • All decks have allocated electric elevators and escalators on either side.
  • The Walk, a seven-kilometer promenade is a concrete slope serving as a cycling track on the second bridge with a stunning arch. It connects the Jumeirah Beach running track and the sitting areas with a lush green ambiance

The Dubai Water Canal is one of the most significant man-made achievements as it spreads its wings along the 3.2km long waterway into the Arabic Gulf from Dubai Creek through the Business Bay. With the introduction of this water canal, Dubai has transformed into an Island. Make sure you do not miss out on this captivating experience of witnessing the magical transformation of this Emirate.

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  1. I have been to Dubai on a couple of occasions but didn’t visit the Dubai Water Canal. Maybe, it was not built or still under construction during my visit. This time, I will not miss it.

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