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Museum of Future

Amongst the many wonderful places that line up Dubai, one of the major attractions that has opened up for tourists is the Museum of Future. Situated at the Sheikh Zayed Road, the Dubai Museum of Future is all set to invite the guests from February 22, 2022. The concept of the museum is to explore how the society can evolve in future years. This is done with the use of technology and science.

The Museum of Future is built with attention given to every aspect and ensuring that people from every age group are welcomed graciously to view and experience the wonders on display. Everyone can experience the amazing way in which the future is projected and raise hopes for a bright tomorrow.

Dubai Museum of Future: Everything you need to know

Architecture of the Museum of Future

This asymmetrical torus is done using glass and steel. It is so amazingly done that the National Geographic channel has recognized the structure as being among the 14 most beautifully structured museums globally. The architect of this structure is Shaun Killa whose imagination was the creation of Dubai’s future vision representation.

The exterior of the museum is strikingly beautiful and you will be awe struck with its design. Arabic calligraphy is artistically used for the Facade. This is functional with use of glass windows. Mattar bin Lahej, the Emirati artist, has designed this using inspirational poetry of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.Museum of Future Dubai

The Future Heroes

This is a space that is dedicated for kids. The kids will have fun and will be excited once here. The creation of this space is done to make it playable for kids. Moreover, the kids will be given tasks to help them visualize and thus build their enthusiasm to create skills that are future-proof and useful for their own creative growth.

The place is built on the basis of aspects such as Imagine the future, design it and then build it. This gives lot of opportunities for kids to learn, grow creatively and enhance their skills of collaboration and communication.

Technological Transformation

Understanding that technology has the strength to change and transform life’s ways, the museum has aspects to prove this concept. Technological brilliance is used to make this place such that it addresses things that are important for political, social, cultural and environmental aspects that are responsible to define time. Augmented reality is used in full scale here.

The Unique Shape

The shape of the Museum of Future is unique. It symbolizes humanity. The green coloured mound on which the structure is placed is symbolic of mother Earth. The void present is symbolic of the uncertain future. UAE’s natural ecosystem is represented by the hill on which this structure is built. It symbolizes the natural ecosystem of UAE. The garden on the hill has a plethora of plant species. The automated irrigation system on the hill is supportive of birds and local bees. Further, water recycling systems are in place to ensure conservation.


Entry to the Museum of Future is priced at DH145, while kids, senior citizens being allowed free pass.

The Dubai Museum of Future is touted as the one of the most beautiful structures on Earth and a must visit destination while you are here.

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