Transportation Means from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Dubai to Abu Dhabi Bus

Dubai is extraordinary but we also can’t miss out on the capital city. Ride easy, stress-less and economical between these emirates with the reliable options.

To start solo travelling or go on a family trip, Dubai, in either case, has managed to pull out its best attractions for the visitors. At one side it has impressive modern architecture and adventure while on other it holds the rhythm of river and heritage. Known for luxury shopping, scrumptious menu a vibrant nightlife scene, hopping on and off is frequent.

And since you are in Dubai, why not spend a weekend away in the capital city, Abu Dhabi. It is beautiful, warm-receptive and thrilling. From the peaceful mosques to world-recorded rides, Abu Dhabi is a pleasure to be at.

Thanks to the mega-development and infrastructure of Dubai that travelling around has not been a subject of concern. Want to drive from Dubai Marina to Burj Khalifa, or Dubai Airport to your hotel, or Dubai to Abu Dhabi, the first-class roads and fleet of transports like cars, taxis and Dubai- Abu Dhabi bus, make it a piece of cake.

1.How far is Abu Dhabi from Abu Dhabi?

There are three running routes that you can choose for reaching Abu Dhabi.

• 139.4 km (via E11 and Abu Dhabi – Al Shahama Rd/Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan St/E10)
Duration: 1 hr 26 min
• 158.9 km (via E11)
Duration: 1 hr 36 min
• 144.9 km (via Abu Dhabi – Al Shahama Rd/Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan St/E10)
Duration: 1 hr 46 min

2.How to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

The options are:
– Public Bus
Airport Shuttles
– Taxi
– Private car hire/ Self-drive

It merely takes an hour and a half via road to jump from Dubai and arrive at the city of diversity and history, Abi Dhabi. And we would definitely not suggest flight because it takes about 3 hr 25 min, besides being indirect, hectic and expensive.

If you are a person of utmost privacy or want to have just family time and budget is not a constraint, get yourself a rental car or taxi. Drive yourself or hire a professional chauffeur who can take you through the familiar routes without any inconvenience. It could be a rash or bumpy drive, so buckle yourself up. A one-way trip to Abu Dhabi by the taxi would call for around 250 AED (68 USD). A willing driver can also tell you the best places to hang out in the capital.

3.Not having a driving license or cash to slash? Book a bus.

If you desire to explore the perfect views around the town, interact with people and save happy memories in your pocket, without digging a hole in your wallet, public transport is your fix. Take a Dubai- Abu Dhabi bus or an Etihad/ Emirate shuttle, and you are good to go.

• By Bus
Cost: 25 AED (6.8 USD)
Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes

The worldwide used public transport is the bus. The Dubai public transport agency is the main agency to handle and manage these buses locally. It is cheap and convenient in all ways. If you are anticipating it to be a jammed bus that is suffocated and sweaty, think again! The buses here are fully equipped with top-notch amenities as-

– Air-conditioning system
– E-card machines
– Information TV screens
– Reserved sections for women and children
– Wide and spacious standing areas
– Facilities to help the passengers with special needs
– Safety equipment

Also, the bus stations are built to take care of the tourists. You can stay at the air-conditioned waiting rooms, bow down at prayer areas available for both men and women, and eat and drink at the cafeterias or from vending machines. Also with dedicated customer service centres, all your complaints are attended first.

4.Guidelines for public bus

Find the nearby bus stop: Use your GPS and explore the nearest/ neighbouring bus stop for you.

The two bus stops for bus Dubai-Abu Dhabi are as follows:
Route No. 100: Al Ghubaiba Bus Station- Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station
Route No. 101: Ibn Battuta Metro Station- Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station

If you are in Bur Dubai, Satwa, or Karama, take the E100 bus, or if you are travelling from Dubai Marina, JLT, or the JBR area, hop on to the E101 bus.
Also, buses at these stations leave at every 20 minutes, so do not be disappointed on failing to catch the prior one.

a.Walk or book a taxi: Since there are only two bus stops, it won’t take time to reach them. As per your GPS, if the distance is short prefer walking, but if heat strikes you and cap is no good, show hands to stop a taxi. Ask the driver to take you to the nearest bus station and there you are.

b.Arrive 15 minutes early: IThere may be cases when heavy traffic or some kind of default in the vehicle can delay the running time. It’s rare but to avoid any such circumstance, be present 15-25 minutes early of the given allotment. The Dubai to Abu Dhabi bus timings range from 6 am-11pm, so, in case you decide to stay overnight in the capital, book your hotels too.

c.Book with standard RTA Nol card: There is no hustle of long queues for purchasing the bus tickets as you can get tickets in the bus itself, from the driver before boarding. Buy it with the smart card, RTA Nol card. It is an electronic bus pass that will get you the ticket worth 15 AED instead of the regular 25 AED.

d.Get your luggage stored: Stretch your arms and legs and sit comfortably by lodging your luggage! There are a lot of people in the popular seasons and you won’t want to be distracted by anything, so better keep the baggage in the upper compartments. As these compartments are present overhead, storing the personal and financial belongings in them is safe until it’s time to exit the bus and the compartments are opened.

e.Enjoy the ride: Now as you have got rid of your heavy bags and are sitting all cosy and relaxed, watch outside to relish the captivating views. It is your ‘me’ time and you can catch up with some left out business emails, read books or watch movies.

By Airline Shuttle
Cost: Free
Duration: 2 hours

Have you purchased your economy class tickets from Etihad or Emirates airlines? Congrats, you get a complimentary shuttle taking you to and fro from Abu Dhabi. There is ‘n’ number of these shuttles running the entire day that can work for your itineraries without blowing your schedule.

5.Guidelines for Airline Shuttle

Don’t be late: Shuttles are known for their promptness and comfort. So, if you want to avail this free service be on time. However, do not worry in case you miss the shuttle because the next one is on the way. Etihad has 10 shuttles daily, while Emirates has 6.

Keep luggage in compartment: For a laid-back ride, drop your luggage in the compartment under the shuttle. Enjoy the ride and admire the views and scenery alongside the roads, it is worth watching and capturing.

Well, private cars are more straightforward, but these buses will double the experience and fun. Contact a local agent and get your free Airline buses booked before 48 hours of flight departure.

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  1. Very information blog about public bus transport of the UAE. Usually, tourists look for private vehicles either to move from Dubai airport to Abu Dhabi or vice versa. After reading this blog, they will start using public transport.

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