Everything You Need To Know About Ain Dubai OR Dubai...

Everything You Need To Know About Ain Dubai OR Dubai Eye Ferris Wheel.

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Ain Dubai or Dubai Eye Ferris wheel on Blue Water Island

Dubai has so many things to surprise you in the most exciting way, which makes it the most visited place in the world. Right from the shopping malls, desert safari, and serene beaches, world’s tallest building and now the biggest Ferris wheel in the world. This is surely going to be the most thrilling and adventurous ride for all the adventure lovers. Get ready to delight in the most magical and thrilling views of Dubai with a ride on the Ferris wheel.

Ain Dubai is the main attraction in Dubai for these days as it is said to be AED 6 billion Bluewaters Island project. It is built at a height of 210 meters, which is said to break all the records and become the biggest Ferris wheel in the world leaving behind Las Vegas high roller of 168 meters. London eye, which is located on the Thames, will give the beautiful view of London, which is also famous all over the world.

1.Location of Ain Dubai or Dubai Eye Ferris wheel

Location of Ain Dubai or Dubai Eye Ferris wheel on Blue water island

The Ain Dubai that is known as Dubai Eye that is situated on the Bluewaters Island located on the coast of JBR beach has become the largest Ferris wheel in the world. You will get to see the amazing view from the Ferris wheel of the JBR beach and Palm Jumeirah.

2.Interesting Fact about Ain Dubai or Dubai Eye Ferris Wheel

  • The Ain Dubai that is 210 meters tall is taller than most of the skyscrapers. The height of this wheel is much the same as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, which is 300 meters tall. Hence, it will give you the best views from Ain Dubai that includes the major landmarks of Dubai like the Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, and many more.
  • The views are just going to be out of world. If you plan to visit this place in the evening, than you can get to see the amazing view of illuminated skyline of Dubai. You can get to see some amazing illuminated skyscrapers along the JBR Beach.
  • There are 48 capsules on Board of Ain Dubai. Each capsule is 30 square meters in size and is totally made of glass so that you can get the beautiful view. Nearly about 40 people can get into each capsule.

capsules of Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel

  • Every capsule if fully air conditioned as it takes nearly about 45 minutes to complete the round. In every capsule you will see LED screen where all information is displayed on what all you will get to see around. There are special VIP capsules that can accommodate 12 people and where you will have something to drink and eat.
  • The construction process of this Ferris wheel is half done and when it is fully completed, it will create an exciting and thrilling atmosphere in Dubai. It is 668 feet tall and once it is done it will boast 9000 tonnes of steel, which is more than Eiffel Tower.
  • The most hidden structure of Ain Dubai is that one of the legs of the towering structure will be fitted on the highest rope-climbing platform in the world. This is surely going to be the best thing for all the adventure seekers in the world. All the climbers would be given special assistance for safety purposes.
  • The BlueWaters Island project that is developed by Meraas is about to complete. It has nearly about ten apartment buildings along with swimming pools, landscaped gardens, children’s play areas, basketball courts, and so on.
  • The Ferris wheel has the capacity to carry 1400 passengers at a time in 49 self – contained capsules. Designed and made by Hyundai, these pods give an uninterrupted view of skyline. This Dubai Eye Ferris wheel will weigh more than the equivalent of eight Airbus A380s.

3.Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel Opening Date

  • The opening date of the world’s largest Ferris wheel will be in 2019. The dates are still unknown but they will get published soon. It is said that the work is about to finish and it is ready to serve its visitors soon.
  • The costs of Ain Dubai Ferris wheel tickets are still not disclosed. Originally known as the Dubai Eye, was said to be scheduled for completion in 2015, but the work is still under process.
  • This Dubai eye is the centerpiece Island project located at the coast of JBR that is packed with entertainment, retail zones, hospitality, and residential zone as well.

The officials from the Meraas holding has disclosed that the visitors to the Eye will go through a 4D cinema that will give the facts about Dubai. Then, you need to go through the two escalators to the lower side of the platform and get an entry to one of the Ferris wheel’s capsules. The full rotation on the Dubai Eye will take nearly about 45 to 48 minutes. This is surely going to be a thrilling experience for all the adventure seekers.