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Dubai Hills

Dubai’s incredible variety of malls is one of the city’s most fantastic attractions. They are great since they provide services beyond just shopping and eating. The brand-new Dubai Hills Mall is one such establishment. A record-breaking multiplex theater, an adventure park, and even a rollercoaster have contributed to the mall’s success since it first opened. Come along as we discover what makes this shopping center so remarkable.

The Dubai Hills Shopping Center

In 2017, the mall was launched by EMAAR Properties, and it quickly became one of Dubai’s most anticipated shopping destinations. In 2022, on February 17th, the mall opened to the public.

Dubai Hills Estate, of which the mall is a part, is among EMAAR’s most successful and expansive mixed-use projects. Al Khail Road (E44) and Umm Suqeim Street cross (D63), Al Barsha South, JVC, Arjan, Arabian Ranches, MBR City, and Dubai Hills Estate locals will find the mall’s location excellent.

By 2020, the Dubai Hills Mall will have been conveniently located after completing a vast infrastructure project. It is connected to U.A.E. highways like Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311) and Al Khail Road via a network of 13 bridges.

Brands At The Dubai Hills Mall

The shopping experience in the mall is fantastic and will surely satisfy all taste buds. Many stores carrying popular domestic and international labels already exist, and many more are on the way. The Dubai Hills Estate Mall has 2,000,000 square feet of retail space and will be home to over 600 stores.

A 65,000-square-foot Geant Hypermarket serving the surrounding area may be found within the shopping center. The shops in Dubai Hills Mall will span two stories and feature everything from quick fashion to gadgets and home renovation.
Let us take a closer look at what stores in Dubai Hills Mall have in for interested shoppers.

Shoppers at Dubai Hills Mall frequently visit DAISO, one of the mall’s most well-liked stores. Whether you are looking for clothing, cookware, garden items, pets, hobbies, stationery, or anything else, Daiso Japan has you covered. It is on the first floor. However, the store is accessible from the outside.

  • Havaianas

Go to Havaianas in Dubai Hills Mall if you want a comfortable pair of sandals. Discover an extensive catalog of Brazilian-style flip-flops here, available in a rainbow of colors and designs.

  • Hypermarket by GEANT in the Dubai Hills Shopping Center

Shop for groceries, home goods, electronics, baby products, fresh fruit, produce, deli, and much more at Geant Hypermarket in Dubai Hills Mall. Urban Foods is one of the major supermarket chains in the United Arab Emirates, stocking everything from gluten-free and vegan options to traditional grocery items.

Hours of Operation: 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM

  • Copenhagen’s Flying Tiger

Danish retailer Flying Tiger Copenhagen, known for its “simple yet contemporary” aesthetic, has nearly 900 locations in more than 30 countries. This unique shop sells commonplace items with a unique twist on the design to promote the idea that a “richer existence need not cost a fortune.”

The first location for the retailer in the UAE spans 300 square meters. It offers a wide variety of products, including those for the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom, the garage, the garden, the office, the gym, and the home. Happy searching!

  • A Marks & Spencer Affair

Marks & Spencer’s Dubai Hills Mall is open and ready to serve customers. For many people living in the United Arab Emirates, M&S is the gold standard of international retail. The United Arab Emirates is home to several British retailers and Marks & Spencer outlets.

The new location features a cozy M&S Cafe and the ever-popular M&S Food Hall, two of the retailer’s most recognizable features. While shopping in Dubai Hills Mall, why not stop for an English cup of tea and some pastries?

  • Raising Pottery Barn Kids | Pottery Barn

One of the fantastic places to shop for furniture, decor, and home accessories in Dubai is Pottery Barn. The Dubai Hills Mall location of this high-end furniture retailer is bustling. The business also sells a children’s line at Pottery Barn Kids, where you can discover fun and whimsical bedding, pillows, and other home decor items. The shops are situated on the mall’s ground floor for easy access.

  • Sephora

Established in France in 1969, Sephora is today a global leader in the cosmetics and personal care industries, stocking name-brand products and its own line of high-end cosmetics and toiletries. It’s one of the best clothing stores in the mall, and it’s right on the main floor.

  • Sharif DG

There is a cutting-edge electronics store called Sharaf DG at Dubai Hills Mall. In Dubai, Sharaf DG is among the top places to shop for electronics like new home theater equipment, LED televisions, and music systems.

  • Zara

Zara, a well-known high-street fashion label with a ground-floor location, carries the newest business and casual clothes trends.

Dubai Hills mall

Dubai Hills Mall Has Many Restaurants And Cafes

What about refueling at one of Dubai Hills Mall’s restaurants or cafes after some shopping therapy? Let us investigate the possible possibilities.

  • Coffee With Friends

The Coffee Club at Dubai Hills Mall is your chance to experience authentic Australian café culture. You may get your fill of high-quality coffee here and some tasty treats (sweet or savory, depending on your mood).

Desserts, breakfast items, and other light fare are just some of the many options available at the Coffee Club at the Dubai Hills Malls. Smart Eating is also available, including items like the keto bowl and the power bowl.

  • Ladurée

Laduree, a little French bakery open all day, is ideal for indulging in delicious French macarons and other traditional Parisian pastries. During the colder winter months, it is also one of the most incredible spots in Dubai to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate. Stop by Laduree at the Dubai Hills Mall for a delightful respite from your shopping.

  • Café Bateel

Healthy breakfast options, snacks, and drinks can all be found at Cafe Bateel in Dubai Hills Mall. Dishes from the Mediterranean, Italy and the Levant can all be found on the menu. The day gets off to a great start with breakfast at Cafe Bateel. You cannot go wrong with either the healthy breakfast or the traditional Levantine breakfast. Or, if you need to refuel while out shopping, stop in for lunch. Lots of choices are available. Cafe Bateel’s unique date pudding is the perfect way to round your dinner.

Miyabi Sushi is a fantastic sushi and Japanese food restaurant with a wide variety of dishes available.

  • Equestrian Café- Colt

The Colt Equestrian Cafe is a European-style cafe and restaurant with a courtyard setting, as the name might suggest. A wide variety of foods, from traditional European fare to dishes with Middle Eastern flavors, are available on the extensive menu. You can have a 22-karat-gold Black Angus rib-eye steak grilled to perfection, or you can eat a lamb shank with rice prepared in a Middle Eastern way. There are numerous tasty desserts and refreshing drinks to choose from.

  • Smoking Hot Coffee Shop

One of the most sought-after sweet spots in Dubai Hills Mall is the Molten Chocolate Cafe. Indulge in a decadent dessert and a hot coffee at this cozy cafe serving French crepes, Belgian waffles, rich brownies, and more.

  • Sushi As An Artform

This is the place for the sushi connoisseur. Try a variety of sushi, sashimi, maki tataki, and rolls. Tartars and ceviches are also available. Lunch boxes filled with assorted maki rolls and sushi are available from Sushi Art in the Dubai Hills Mall.

  • Amusement And Relaxation

Dubai Hills Mall offers a wide variety of entertainment options for its guests. The amusement park has everything a family might want, including an Adventure Park, a roller coaster, and multiple Roxy Xtreme Cinemas. Check out the rest to learn about all the exciting activities.

Cinemas with reclining leather seats may be found at Dubai Hills Mall. The experts of premium cinematic experiences, Roxy, have arrived in a meaningful manner at Dubai Hills Mall, cementing their position as one of the premier high-end movie chains in the UAE

Seven ultra-premium Platinum screens, seven exquisite Silver screens, and something extraordinary makes up the 15-screen multiplex Roxy Cinema at Dubai Hills Mall.

The legendary Roxy Xtreme, a gigantic screen measuring 423 square meters, is at the center of our conversation. When it comes to the region of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), this cutting-edge cinematic extravaganza has a giant screen. When you factor in the crystal-clear laser projection and the enveloping DOLBY ATMOS, you have everything you could want out of a cinematic experience. Really, what are you waiting for? Get yourself some tickets to the newest smash hit.

  • Thrill Park By Emaar

The Adventure Park in Dubai Hills Mall was explicitly designed with children in mind. The play area is filled with interactive games that the whole family can enjoy. Children older than three years old can enjoy the playground equipment. Adventure Park features the following attractions.

Playground, Cave Maze, Sky Park Junior, Power Park, Cyber Walls, Climbing Walls, Ninja Park, Slide ‘n’ Fly, Sky Park, Jump Park, Free Fall Jump, and many more!

There is a different height requirement for each attraction. As a courtesy to others, please follow the established procedures.

  • The Thunder Roller

What is this, a coaster in the mall? Sure, why not? Adventurous tourists from all around the United Arab Emirates and the world flock to this ride.

The Storm Coaster at Dubai Hills Mall is the world’s tallest and fastest indoor roller coaster. This exciting indoor rollercoaster will transport you to the exciting realm of storm chasing. Immersive and exhilarating, the roller coaster ascends more than 50 meters inside a cylinder-shaped structure. It’s one of the most popular indoor destinations in Dubai, making it an excellent option for escaping the heat during the height of summer.

Response To Commonly Asked Questions

1. How late does the DUBAI HILLS MALL stay open?

Daily, the Dubai Hills operates from 10 am to 12 am.

2. Information contact numbers?

You can reach EMAAR Properties at +971-800-36227 or +971-4-366-1688 if you want any additional details about this shopping center.

3. What is the nearest metro station?

The Dubai Metro does not currently have a connection to the shopping center. The Mall of the Emirates station is the closest one to the location. But the original designs were for Dubai Hills Mall to be connected to the Dubai Metro.


Dubai has been adding numerous exquisite jewels to its crown, and Dubai Hills Mall is the new entrant. Mesmerize and enjoy your time here and indulge with the entire family, and make your visit memorable.

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