Sky Walk Dubai – Scaling a Skyscraper from The Outside

Sky Walk UAE

There are many tall skyscrapers in Dubai; Sky Views, located in Downtown Dubai, is one of the most recent ones to be finished. You are in for that real treat with a stunning observatory and thrilling activities to see. One of the most recent public attractions among the activities is Sky Walk Dubai. The Sky Walk connects both the Sky View Towers and is essentially the longest footbridge in the world. As you climb the building 220 metres above the ground, get ready for that ultimate adrenaline rush.

Think about flying through the air while admiring the magnificent Dubai skyline from above. A Burj Khalifa balcony view should be added! Isn’t it exciting and romantic? Well, this wish soon came true. As promised in 2017, the recently opened Sky View is all set to deliver an astounding skywalk.

Keep in mind that you are moving HIGH ABOVE the GROUND LEVEL, OUTSIDE the building. But do not worry—a safety harness will be used to secure you. Furthermore, once you are outside, the breathtaking views of Dubai will keep you so occupied that you will not have time to dwell on your fear.

Opening Hours

The Sky Walk is open all 7 days a week from 11am-7pm.
The Observation and Glass Slide however is open from 10:30am-9pm

Reaching Dubai’s Sky Walk

By Bus

The Metro Bus Stop Landside 1 at Dubai Mall is the closest stop to Sky Views Dubai and is a quick 6 minute walk away. The bus list you can board is as follows: #F13, #D03, #30, or #D03A.

By Metro

The Burj Khalifa/ Metro station at the Dubai Mall is the closest metro stop, and it is once more a 6-minute walk from the attraction. You can get there by boarding the MRed line.

By Car

Take the first interchange and continue on towards the Financial Centre Road if you intend to drive in from the city centre of Dubai.

Ideal time to Visit Sky Walk Dubai Experience

There is never the ideal moment to climb to a building’s edge. However, majority agree that the best time to see Dubai’s skyline is just before sunset. This would also suggest that sunset is the busiest hour. Try this activity in the morning/afternoon to avoid the crowds.

Thrill of the Next Level

The three-part attraction includes a glass slide, an observatory, and an edge-walking adventure.

Visitors to the observatory can take the panoramic glass lift up to level 52 of the twin towers of the Address hotel, which takes them above the clouds. From here, you can ascend a spiral staircase to level 53 while admiring stunning views of Sheikh Zayed Road, Downtown Dubai, and the Burj Khalifa.

There are numerous photo opportunities along the 46-meter glass walk that connects the towers at level 53 and is now accessible to the general public as part of Sky Views Dubai.
You can move from level 53 to level 52 using a slide that is enclosed in transparent glass in another location. With a bottom and sides made of transparent glass, Sky Views Glass Slide provides a 360-degree view as you slide down.

The experience at Sky Views Edge Walk is only suitable for the most daring individuals because it involves walking outside the building and along the 53rd floor’s ledge without any barriers in your way.
Before ascending the ridge, which is situated 219.5 metres above sea level, visitors must don a safety harness and go through a safety briefing (to put that to perspective, the Dubai Frame measures about 150 metres high).

Sky Views Dubai is available to thrill seekers of all ages and is best visited during sunset (although admission is more expensive).

Tips to Visit Sky Walk Dubai

  • Purchase your tickets for Sky Walk Dubai in advance.
  • Please let the Sky View staffs know if you are feeling under the weather before entering so that you can avoid last-minute delays & tourist crowds.
  • If you have any existing medical conditions, including but not limited to neck or back weakness, heart conditions, broken bones, nervous system disorders, epilepsy, motion sickness, or if you are pregnant, please let the Sky Views staff know.
  • In case of the Sky Walk, it is advisable that you dress comfortably but appropriately fitted and put on comfortable shoes. Needless to say, keep your heels off the glass as they can scratch it.
  • While using the sky walk, avoid carrying any sharp objects, electronics, or phones.
  • The activities at the Sky Views will be explained to you; make sure to follow them exactly.

If you are thinking of a fun and exciting vacation destination, Dubai will never ever let you down. Sky Views Dubai, a brand-new Emaar attraction in the city, is currently open to all thrill-seekers. This location will provide you with an experience unlike any other because it is so high above the city—219.5 metres above the ground. This is where you need to descend if you are prepared to face your fear.

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  1. The Sky Walk Dubai is one of the best attractions that offers excellent sightseeing and a bit of adventure. The glass slide, observatory, and the edge-walking are all absolute fun and thrill.

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