Discover Dubai With The Best Off-Road Activities 2023

Discover Dubai with the best off-road activities

Roads have been the old route of travel now. From speedboating in the swankiest society of Dubai to camel trekking and dune bashing in the Arabian desert, here are adrenaline pumping off-road activities to add to your bucket list.

Flying above the Palm Jumeirah, cruising across the seven-star hotel, monstrous riding on the red dunes, thrilling and spilling on the rides of Ferrari, and quad biking in the desert, it is enthralling to tour in Dubai. There are plenty of never-done-before activities that will take you off the road and upgrade the excursion. Plus this is an appealing city with a wide variety of terrain- calm desert, gorgeous beaches, scenic mountains, to impressive wadis.

So, it’s time to indulge in extreme adventurous and exhilarating activities in Dubai

Best Off-Road Activities In Dubai

4*4 tour

4*4 tour

Desert safari in Dubai has its own fan base. And the most thrilling of all activities and events in the package is the ultimate dune bashing. It can be challenging to be driven around the uneven sand scape but is definitely exciting. In the endless expanse of dunes, you are tucked in safely in the 4WD vehicles like Hummer and Land Cruisers and taken for a ride. The driver is qualified and trained and will take you to the ups and downs of the sand mountains. The music is played, the views look astounding and the feel is energetic. Be ready for 30-45 minutes zestful performance of such unusual ride.

Quad biking

Quad biking

There is a hive of activity that follows the dune basing in the robust vehicle. Till now a trained driver was driving you around the desert, this is going to be your solo game. A quad bike is an all-terrain vehicle with large four wheels, along with handlebars for steering control, which is straddled by the operator. It levels up to the adventure quotient and promises a wild ride in the desert. So, go on and explore the wadi on your own speed with wonderful scenes and desert overlooking the skyline.


Sandboarding Dubai

Sandboarding is another course of an activity which replicates snowboarding, instead of the fact that there is no snow, just sand. There is a board tied under your feet and you need to put pressure to ride forward against the sand. It could be overwhelming for the first time but the guides are present to teach you.

Dhow Cruise

Dhow Cruise dubai

Want to set off to a magical trip? Choose the Dhow Cruise Creek or Marina which gives you a trip on the river alongside the old and new city respectively. The dhows are traditional boats turned into an outstanding restaurant floating on the water where you are welcomed with Arabic tea. As you sit and sail, the Creek gives you a glimpse of what ancient Dubai like souks, palaces and heritage was while the Marina serves the sightsee of luxurious restaurants, cafes, hotels, skyscrapers and lot more. The dinner and live entertainment is cherry on the cake. It is a perfect romantic cruise and you can celebrate birthdays, anniversaries with the love of your life.

Camel trekking

Camel trekking

As you are in the city of sand, why not travel the way the people used to in early times or, it would be better to say, travel the ideal way on the desert. Camel riding is inevitable. Kids to adults everyone wants to give it a shot and find out what is all the fuss about- why camel riding sounds so interesting. Well, in the desert safari package you get to visit the camel farms, see their herds, and later perch the camels. The experience is delightful and you are allotted 15-20 minutes for this moment to enjoy.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving

After exploring the high-rise buildings in Dubai, float to the depths of calm water and meet the magnificent marine life with the scuba diving. Dubai is a place where concrete meets nature and the best activity to indulge in coming close to nature is diving. There are many places to do so, but one of the popular sites is Jumeirah Beach. It displays a vibrant lifestyle along with diving opportunities for beginners. You can also swim through to beat the heat.

Helicopter ride

Helicopter ride dubai

Going under the water and doing deep sea diving is classic, hands down, but flying over the city in a helicopter and checking out the sky soaring architecture, parks and malls is fascinating. It is a treat to your eyes as you decide to book tickets for the Dubai Seaplane Flight. Heard about the iconic and affluent Palm Jumeirah? Well, you are gonna experience it the high way- by sitting inside the flight that unveils the beauty for 45 minutes to about an hour. The plane hovers over this eye-catching spectacle, taking you to the rich landscape, from manmade island to the world’s tallest tower. It is electrifying and can be suited for both romantic retreat and roadie kind of sightseeing.

Hot air balloon

Hot air balloon

One of the exotic adventures in Dubai that will take you 4000 feet above the sand, a hot air balloon ride is mind-blowing. With the backdrop of sunrise, the balloon rises majestically giving a unique perspective of Dubai to travellers. Seeing the beautiful oasis in the unending Persian Gulf, the landmarks as Burj Khalifa, innovative architecture like Burj Al Arab and the mix of the landscape is incredible. This is blended with desert safari, gourmet breakfast, and sometimes quad biking.

Mountain climbs

Not centralised in Dubai, but at a distance of few kilometres from the city, you can find a number of rocky and spectacular mountains. These are energising and action-oriented that needs guts to be climbed. Hatta is one famous spot for climbing. It has extended rolling dunes where you can surf the sand on 4 WD and later enjoy the valley by hiking above the rocky outcrops.

So, vacay at Dubai with the latest off-road activities and create unforgettable memories.

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