Golf in Dubai is Not Just a Sport, It’s a Religion

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Golf in Dubai is not a sport; it is an obsession, an ultimate relaxing pastime for the population. The golf courses designed by Colin Montgomerie and Ernie Els offer some of the most beautiful green courses on the planet. The lush green golf courses also give you a rare opportunity to rub shoulders with your favourite celebrities. The Emirates Gold

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Check out these incredible Dubai attractions in 2018

Dubai is a place where wonders never cease to exist. Dubai has time and again proved its potential as a dynamic and ultra-modern township. It’s indeed a marvel to follow how a small desert emirate transformed into a dynamic city. Not afraid of challenges, brimming with innovations, Dubai has rapidly made possible so much in such a short span of

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Upcoming Tours of Dubai

Dubai Aladdin City

Dubai is at it again, setting new records and working on breaking existing ones. There are a few new projects already on the verge of coming up in Dubai, keeping tourists really excited about it. Ain Dubai, The Eye of Dubai (the largest Ferris wheel in Dubai) located at Bluewaters Island are just a few named projects which is expected

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Amazing Turkish Restaurants You Must Visit in Dubai

Being an international city, Dubai has an amazing food culture that caters to the whole world. Dubai is more known for tourism and shopping, it is now also becoming famous for its revolutionary gastronomic experiences. Dubai is the largest exporter of Michelin star chefs. Therefore, you can imagine the food that awaits you here. Lately, Turkish cuisine has been gathering

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Explore the fabulous places for females in Dubai

Dubai is one of the prime holiday destinations for a holiday for global travelers. For the ladies, this is heaven as it offers plenty of opportunities to pamper themselves, visit the tourist attractions, and indulge in loads of shopping. No matter where you head into the city, whether it is a spa, fitness classes, nightclubs, beaches, venues or even events,

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Historical monuments that define the cultural heritage of Dubai

Dubai is blessed with a rich cultural heritage and these are reflected in the popular monuments in Dubai. Dubai is popular for its mega structures, stunning skyscrapers, historic sites and monuments which have caught the attention of every tourist all these years. These historical monuments, museums, buildings or landscapes is a testimony of the rich heritage of the UAE. We

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Delicious Bakeries in Dubai which would enlighten your taste buds

Dubai offers an incredible yummy variety of bakery items which has enticed both locals and visitors for a rich taste. Many confectioneries have gained fame and popularity more than you can ever imagine. People come to not only taste the yummy dishes but also to explore and check out what’s around. You can probably come to know what all things

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Exotic Souks in Dubai which give you a taste of the rich flavor of the Emirati culture

Dubai is home to several world-class shopping malls and delightful boutiques, but the charm and essence of the traditional local markets which are referred as Souks offer a completely new experience. The souks have exclusive stores which sell gold, textiles, spices, perfumes, herbs, and other local produce. The local Arabian market still plays a crucial part of the daily life

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